What To Do On A Lazy Day! | MyLifeAsEva and Alex Hayes

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emma johansson
Alex is soooo cute, am I right?
Zoe Price
Awwww imagine being her watching herself cuddle with her ex in her video 😖 awkward...
Alex is a guy and they broke up because he used her for fame
CocoBaba Slimes
Cool thaks for the tipp but I'm lazy every day is this her boyfriend?
Kailey Pallares
For updates: Alex & Eva broke up. He was using her for her followers. Eva came out as bisexual ❤️
I feel like me and Alex need to be friends...
I have to clean my room and organize stuff for school but instead I'm just in bed watching YouTube videos and Netflix
Laxative 2005
Im thinking of doing my homework📝 but I would much prefer watching youtube
Saniyah Portee
Eva I love you I don't care if you are bisexual
Kamryn Struse
I love you Eva but no one curls their hair or wears makeup on a lazy day
Naomi Kenya
"She is not dead, I just like to honor her all the time" 😂
I hate him!!!
Tbh I can't relate to any of your videos...
Okay no one has said it but she said she's a night owl and that the latest she'll fall asleep in 12 AM, but as a fellow night owl I fall asleep around 4-5 AM sometimes 6-7 AM
Razan Ibrahim
I can't believe he just used her
Hey guys!!!! New Videoooo!!! Did you like it? Im sorry if the volume is so low. I uploaded it three times and youtube is still playing it super low for some reason! I hope you're having a great week and I love you :D let me know what video you want to see next!
Izzy Boardman
My math homework It’s due tomorrow
isabelle b.
Her legs... 😑😥😭
Emma Flores
I love your nice apartment aesthetic/style
Madison Alexis
is Eva straight? cause I don't have a tweeter and everybody's saying that she said she was “bisexually”? someone please tell me the truth. thank you😃💙
Keyon Elkins
Am I the only who loves the filter on this video ?!? Or color correcting?
Ana Marija
Alex looks like a girl
Olivia Meehan
Congratz on breaking up with that jerk ♥️♥️♥️
Yoongi infires me
Your boyfriend looks like a girl who don't eat, with his long blonde hair and his tiny physique
she came out bi finally twitter
emma johansson
Right now I'm eating... As always
Katie V
ho fricking cares about what happened to their relationship I just want to know WHAT WAS THE SONG THAT WAS PLAYING AT 4:02??!?
kaylyn zamago
I heard you two broke up honestly I didn't know you two were dating but I just want to say I'm sorry and I hope you guys will say friends
Tristan TV
I am a lefty
weird child.
Alex looks like tanner fox and is he ur bf
Marla Catherine
Everyday is lazy day for me 😂
Isla Johnson
They are total love birds❤❤💕💕💕❣❣
Rute Brazao
just being lazy and depressed at home because no one of my friends is coming up and school is starting, but i think you gave me the idea of starting to make my bedroom look better and comfy!! thanks, i love you so much! xx
Dear anyone who watches this... She is beautifull and so are you!
Leo Plays
You guys are cuteeeee couples😱😍😍😍😍 I am right
tbh evas videos are better than shows on disney channel
dying unicorn jason
Does anyone know the song at 6:01 please tell me :( I've been looking all over for it
Isabelle Granda
This lazy day has just becomin to a weekend
Just Brit
A good YouTuber is Liza Koshy and David Dobrik❤❤
Casey McGuire
I love to play Lego Harry Potter Years 5-8 on the X-Box 360
Shannon Estelle
Is there is something different about Eva?! 😊
Chloe’s Photography
Brianna Chalwell
I see the way you two look at each other it's so cute Ava looks at him a lot as a glowing every time you two are so so cute I don't understand why you're not taking start dating even if your best friends guys are so cute and I don't think it would mess up there friendship if you guys are friends and you guys start to get feelings just be together cuz that's so cute
Bentley Foltyn
I have a chanell suggestion. Watch Liza koshy she's awesome!!!!
Your friend KK!!! Memememmememe
I am just laying in bed watching YouTube and eating ice cream at the same time. Everybody like this if you are being lazy too and reply what you are doing❤️❤️❤️
Girl you do this on a lazy day? I do this everyday
Logan Avery
Who else thinks they are dating
Alice Ludvill
uncharted all The wayyyy
lazy potato
Bandri Albrazi
Every day of my life. Is a lazy day
*Am i the only one who think Alex and Eva are secretly dating each other?* They are so cute together though.. ps: i make short inspirational films, if you want to stop by, no pressure :)
Ellie Dogstreet
you don't eat meat too! I'm vegie
Sarah Vie
Her lazy outfit is so cute...mine is more like an old sweatshirt and giant sweatpants haha. Time to upgrade!
Emily Avalos
I feel like Eva has changed so much,I don't even know who she is dating anymore?!?!
Talex Tanami
i'm just drawing it's nice
We Bear Kira
Who else is coming here to tell people that they aren't dating anymore? 😂
Andrea Orozco
who else misses Jeremy and eva because i do😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Silver Shades MSP
pause at 6:11 I SEE A SPARK OF LOVE
Ra Chelle
i love the SIMS 4
Misha Bennett
where is her tapestry from ????
The aesthetic vibe to this video 🌻😍
fox liln
I've never played video games in my life
Margarita Ayala
do you have a boyfriend
What song was playing at 4:47?
Amy Lynn
Oh good tip!! we'll all chill in our home studios today with thousands of dollars worth of equipment like u! cool! 😩😂😂
Itz Jada
Eva can u start posting more
bethanyyy xo
A good Netflix show is The100 and a YouTube channel is mine ;D
Gia Panda
"A lazy day" EVERYDAY is my lazy day I'm such an introvert
Truckie G.
Mine is GTA 5
Deni_ 0
Eva can do way better😉😃😄
Nevaeh Tehuia
I'm a left hander
this was the best couple.
Your dance moves are lit Eva
Thorsten Werth
Ur controller was not even on 😂
Shadrick Barnes
The controller was not even on
Once she said that thing about 200,000 of us being lazy i was shocked I did not know she knew me so well 😂😂😂
Emily May
I have never had a lazy day before
Do an apartment tour plz 😱 (sorry for the english I'm french)
When video starts 😂
6:14 mine. 😏😂😂😂😂❤️
Susan Bahner
You are really pretty
Alex Martin
Lol Alex isn't a girl guys. But he look like it though. And ps they broken up and Eva is bi 😊😊
tbh her lazy day is like my active day lol😂
chidlid x
Who thinks Alex and Ava should be a couple? Like if you agree👌🏾
Kelis Pedraza
Dan and Riya
Madison Reams
Alex Hayes has beautiful eyes
Ava M
Ps cod infinite warfare
Tylan LeDuff
Is it just me or does anyone else love Eva's lips 😍
Faye Hamze
Ava is the best in making videos like if you agree
Cary Allen
Gta 5
Maxine Luis
i don't like him....
Shannon Findley
My cat looks the exact same!
Shannon Estelle
I need those flamingo shorts in my life!!!!!!!🌴
Lina Nguyen
I'm confused is Alex her boyfriend or Andrew or Weekly Chris
Mathilda Grace
Dan and Phil
Zuri Scott
I have been waiting for a lazy day forever
Anna G
i'm sorry but you dated a girl without noticing
Laura Reid
Can we just talk about the BOMB quality of this for a moment... like SLAY GIRL this is so good
I Am Me
I suggest LDShadowLady!!!
Joy Dickerson
Anything mario!!!