Rancid Playing "Maxwell Murder" Live In Japan

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Rancid Live In Japan Setlist 1. Ruby Soho 2. Fall Back Down 3. Black & Blue 4. Loki 5. Journey To The End Of The East Bay 6. Maxwell Murder 7. Gunshot 8. As Wicked 9. Hyena 10. David Courtney 11. Junkie Man 12. Nihilism 13. Out Of Control 14. Red Hot Moon 15. The Wars End 16. Olympia WA 17. Salvation 18. Lock, Step & Gone 19. Cocktails 20. Adina 21. St. Mary 22. Hoover Street 23. To Have And To Have Not 24. Listed MIA 25. Time Bomb 26. Roots Radicals 27. The Brothels 28. Radio

Rancid Japan Live Maxwell Murder

Alam Alejandro Hernandez
no future
Matt Freeman is the best fucking bassist in the world.
Kev Keeg
drumer: skateboarding isn't a crime. tim, lars & matt: punk too..
Whistling Maniac
Lars is the guy who forgets the lyrics but then just sings something that sounds kind of similar, same with Tim for this particular one