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SHN Rating for Dracula 5 ★★★ SHN is now on Facebook with latest news The game begins with the final scene of Shadow of the Dragon - Ellen Cross, an art restorer from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, opening the mysterious sixteenth painting from the Vambery collection; a portrait of Dracula

Hey, you think you can do a Siren: Blood Curse longplay?
Senerik Erikson
love this game
Ellen is an easy girl
Re Posted
Keep grinding bro ! We see you!
Imic Hilton
The guy in the reception is a younger edition of Janos from dracula 3 haha!Also it's so funny when she tries to prank on him so she can grab the keys lol
Thomas Tran
Wait... how did Ellen get pregnant? I wanna know who and how?
Anna Butterfly
Thanks for playing the series
Mujahid Tanwari
i played dracula 2 and ended game with the help of walkthrough from youtube
galih 97
Dude can u play dreadout full bro👍🙏
Do Black Snow, that mod of Half-Life 2 is bomb
Darby Bellisle
Glad to hear the final part (Suddenly 6!) you rated overall better than the last one.
Maksim hs
Dam i would drink to xD
Great video, dude! I really enjoyed it :) What would happen if you've chosen to refuse Draculas offering? Would you just have died of the illness and gotten a different ending?
Marco Aurelio
i love this channel. its horror, he isnt playing like a stupid human and he doesnt talk D:
Really enjoy the videos. It would be helpful is you posted which consoles the games are for in the description. Most of them look like Steam though. Subscribed!
Date Masamune
Looks like a porno game.