The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire 日本帝國的興衰

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The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire 日本帝國的興衰 after more than 50 years, Japan government still said that this is not an invasion but just 'enter' to all these country... murder millions of people included children and babies... rape...

Alexander Bayley
The Japanese did some horrific things during the war. but what country hasn't? am sure if one were to have a look, nearly every country has done some unspeakable acts to one another.
This comment section makes me want to drink battery acid.
Great video. Thanks for uploading this. I love how Japan is now a leading and ass-kicking country in a peacefull way.
Very deep and detailed doc, Recommend!
why do documentaries always miss out key components.Japan had no obsession to rule the world. It simply wanted to invade enough land for resources to match the military might of euro superpowers and US, after all these countries had colonize all over the world.True, what Japan did was a crime, but were the other superpowers at the time setting a good example? by colonizing whatever they wanted and stealing resources? As soon as a non-white nation wanted to get in on the action, it was sanctioned to death by the other white nations.
rick davis
amazing the amount of "must know" things go unviewed ,whilst "gungnam style" approaching 2.2billion!
G Kagara
so what? people die but Japan make Asian free from western colonialism. that's the truth. I say go to hell with western.
How did the Japanese kill 300k or 200k civilians in Nanking when the city only had a population of 200k? Further, killing 200k~300k people in 6 weeks means the Japanese Army had to kill 4,761~7,142 people A DAY. Is that even possible? I don't think camps like Auschwitz or Dachau could even produce numbers like that. I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm just saying the numbers are over exaggerated for whatever purposes.
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Japan is no different than any worlds people or nation. They are human beings like all of us, and like almost all countries the people were brainwashed by sociopaths who often got into power due to their convincing character as in Hitler's case. The chronic claim that Japan had never been defeated was drilled into the people by these sociopaths. The people paid dearly for this brainwashing. The only thing good about this is the lesson that must be more than learned, it must be maintained throughout future generations. The lesson, dont follow so easily, your leaders could be running red lights and crash your nation.
Вячеслав Иванов
Продолжение документальной передачи "Взлет и падение Японской империи"
For Japan these are the consequences of their actions, For countless war crimes and war mongering greed, They deserved the Atom Bomb.
David Pennino
There are people in these comments that need to understand that the empire of japan and present day japan are very different...
Guadacanal actually took place AFTER Australian troops gained accendancy over the Japanese in New Guinea. The first defeat in WW2 of Japanese forces was when their invasion at Milne Bay was thrown back into the sea by Australian troops. This was the first time in the war that the Japanese had failed to take an objective by force. From THAT point the Japanese were permanently on the defensive,
safid fujioka
19:45 truer words have never been spoken
hbfry jfiv
28:59 请问中国军终于被迫撤退? 中国军是哪个党军啊??? 大部分战役中与日本正面对抗的主要是国民党军 共产党才是中国的叛逆!
Both Japan and Germany were becoming very overpopulated and needed "living space". The war was inevitable. What wasn't inevitable was the atrocities they committed. We must understand the how's and why's so this can never happen again.
Kelyong Kelyong
They are very discipline people and no room for nonsenses.
Marcus Williams
it's kinda difficult to tell who's lying about why the war started , too many nations involved
Jim Ryan
the fall of my pants is like the fall of japan 
Sam King
What an excellent docu! Thanks for sharing!
Major Kong
Great doc thx
History is written by victors.
Japanese Hippocracy, they accuse the Americans for denying them immigration to the USA, and say the Americans have no honor and treat them like 2nd class citizens, yet all the while Japan were invading China (Manchuria) denying any Chinese immigration to Japan, and treating them like 2nd class citizens (actually killing them out right) and waged out right war on Chinese civilians , raping, killing and pillaging there cities (Nanking one of many). Japan had no honor in anything they did , total dishonorable actions, waging war on civilians and nations who where at peace with them.
There was a slightly negotiated settlement all right. Surrender or be nuked into extinction. When I go through Narita airport in Japan I make sure I wear the Navy blue cap with the embroidered BB-39 USS Arizona Battleship profile and Remember Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941.
Mr Blue TF2 Sniper Wolf
go USA
The strange thing is that Roosevelt had no intention of any immediate intervention in China in 1941 that intervention and direct support might have come in 1943 after the first two fleet expansion acts had taken full effect. 10 new fast battle ships and 10-15 new Aircraft carriers, 25 hvy cruisers and hundreds of lesser ships. And  Roosevelt did not deem it worthwhile to assist the British, Dutch, and French in maintaining their Asian colonies. That is of course until the Japanese gave the US fleet a quick but non lethal stab in the back at Pearl Harbor. After that, Japan was destined to be flattened and reduced to rubble. The USA allocated ~1/3rd of its war budget to the Pacific War and brought Japan to its knees in four years after annihilating its Navy, Merchant Fleet, Fishing Fleet, and War Industries and Transportation Infrastructures almost to the last ship, factory, and Rail line. and dismantling Japans defensive ring.  Pearl Harbor, was the biggest mistake the Japanese ever made.    
The bombs worked. Not only did it force Japan to surrender. It scared the heck out of American enemies. It let them know, we have this power and we will use it. It was a bold statement to the world. Do not mess with us.
I admire Japan because even after the country was bombed to earth, they managed to be the third largest economy after USA and China. Why can't other countries be like Japan what's different and what sets them apart from undeveloped countries?
Raj Raj
USA and it puppet in Europe England -- they kill millions and slave in name of Democracy ....
Esoteric Desi
History's always written by the victorious ones... :)
Sucks that this anime never got a sequel. *[Banzai's Internally]*
Jacob Storm
If a Japanese guy from the beginning of the 20th century went to Tokyo today, his eyes might explode, and that is AFTER 2 nuclear bombs
Subhash Sargar
Documentary is excellent - but why testimonies from Japaneses in weird accent? -such a stereotype.!!
DJ Buenaventura
36:25 "japans people have a strong sense of personal and national discipline" So raping young girls and killing them are signs of a strong sense of discipline? Those cowards get praised lol
YusufBudiDarmawan YBD123
Damn like THE britt over THE africans and THE french over THE Vietnam do no aint justify your country US "stealing" and still "stealing" oil in THE middle east dont justify your own country man like your THE rightest-er one oh hell no bitch Japan nothing compare to America and Europe imperial empire dont just justify yo own self MA boy you fucked up dont mixing up events to make point dont mixing up point to make justify dont mixing up justify to make rules...
Jean Dupuis
history is made by winners and hollywood for US. what's japanese version of what really happened and they attaked stupidly pearl harbour.
Typical British downplaying of American victories and trying to pump up the British role.....Coral Sea was the KEY before Midway. Britain's fleet had been basically destroyed by the Japs and Australia was ready to surrender half the island. McCarthur and the US Navy and USMC won that war, period, point blank. He didn't even mention the Dolittle Raid that really let the Japanese know WHO they were dealing with.
Fisher Smith
Japan deserved 2 nuclear weapon bombing.
kewei liu
the fucking japs never say sorry officially and sincerely, they deserve to die and stay in the hell , japanese language is only used in the hell. The only regret is the US only feed two nuclear bomb on Japs, instead of 10, 20, 30.
Rob Billeaud
It's impossible to overstate the importance of the ability of the U.S. to break the Japanese naval codes. None of the major American victories in the Pacific, at least prior to 1944, would have been able to be accomplished without that.
Stravo Lukos
Based on the stupidity posted below, I am all for rescinding universal suffrage. Stupid, arrogant sub-people should not vote or replicate. They are best suited for forced labor and organ harvesting. And they are the best argument for negative eugenics.
Shinobi HOG
Any got a line on a good documentary on the Russo-Japan war?
Miklos Halasz
Bushido kiling unarmed womans and Childrens?? is that the honourable bushido
masaharu aiba
why the hell narration that has terrible pronunciation is sometimes inserted, it may try to insult Japanese by emphasizing accent. it's obvious to insult, what a weird!!
Jeronimo Mico
I respect these brave people...OOOSSSSS!!!
Thank you, Korean nationalist!
wagwrgaw 2
Johnny Smoke
Can somebody please intelligently explain to me how Japan went from treating POWs with “kindness and dignity” @4:51 to the massacre of 300,000 at Nanking within 33 years? There are a lot of anomalies that don’t meet the standards of an honest look at Japan’s past. I’m just getting into this research now. Forgive the errors if I’m not noticing.
tiny joe
This video is so fascinating.   From the comments,  however, one can see that psychological and emotional wounds from this period of history are still raw and bleeding for many people even after more than 90 years have passed.
Craig Heller
this doc fails to mention how Teddy Roosevelt betrayed his promise to protect the Koreans and basically handed the region to the Japanese, who in encouraged, thus setting the stage for WWII
Eddie 1967
I much preferred early 20th century Japanese military..they were very righteous in victory..and treated defeated enemies with respect and honor...
Japan from 1890 to 1942 was more impressive than Hitler's Germany and Napoleon's France. That's how an Empire should be born. Complete domination of land, naval and air in their respective region. Hitler and Napoleon had one flaw...lack of Naval prowess and that was their downfall as it would be Japan's when they lost their Navy.
Fan Allen
If Japanese government can officially and sincerely appologize to those asian people who suffered a lot from WW2,that would be best ! But ,sorry Mr.Abe, you never do official appology.
If you're speaking of the invasion of China, China has done the same thing to Japan (and Korea, and several other countries) over the centuries, as have all the other major countries of the world. That's how things have always been done throughout history. That doesn't make it right, but just because Japan might've been one of the most recent countries to try and obtain more territory doesn't make them any more guilty than any other country. In fact, they were only doing what they were "taught" to, after Admiral Perry coerced them into opening their borders, they had to adapt to the "new" world, and so Japan did what everyone else was doing, including the U.S., when as recently as the late 19th and early 20th centuries. History is written by the victors, whether they are right or wrong, and a lot of what is taught as "history" in all countries is propaganda-laced brain-washing.
Wallace Kuk
What Japan did wrong was losing the fight. No one weeps for the native Indians in North America, and those perished in the colonial wars of the West nowadays. Texas, California, even up to the original 13 colonies were at their very roots spoils of war. I am no Japanese, but I totally sympathise with them. Using war as a means to achieve political ends is almost as old as humanity itself. It is only in recently decades that it had become unfashionable. As late as 1928, the Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed to forbid the use of war as a means to resolve conflicts, which ironically serve as the best evidence that war HAD been so used heretofore. And let's not forget it was the Black Ships, so arrogantly and menacingly docked at Yokosuka by the swaggering Perry that forced Japan to abandon seclusion and open up in the first place. The West was only being served a dose of its own medicine in the Pacific War.
Martin Skevla
Corpus Callosum
Very impressive, almost poetic documentary, thanks. But commentators seem to just repeat what the film was warning us, how fast an empire fell, taking most humanity down with them. When I traveled in Japan 1993, I was so amazed at the self-less, polite, orderly and just beautiful sparkles of humanity shown in old and young people. The middle aged tour guy told us, a thousand years ago, Japan had no written language/culture so they sent envoys to China and copied the whole blueprints of Nanking ( karmic retribution?) to make their beautiful cities of Kyoto, Nara, etc and preserve it better than China. Wars in the brutal 20th century can only be used as what not to do and what to extract lessons from. It's Japan's military warlords and emperor that ruined the country. But if the beautiful people didn't learn their ant-like worshiping stupidity (French executed Louis XVI 1793 and now is 2015, if you want to stand tall, punk intended, start from there!), their country's and more importantly, the world's suffering is wasted and will repeat itself. Germany has Merkel meanwhile Abe is trying to stir up the samurai spirit again! Just listen to your ancestors, esp. the intellectuals then, they're weeping in their urns. Separatist, superior feelings and greed will only lead to utter ruin, physically and spiritually!
Ricardo Corchado
I like this documentary because it shows the point of view of the Japanese not the European View plus the Japanese military was a completely independent branch in the imperial government unlike here that there's a civilian leader the military was let loose to do what it wanted
James Spann
Excellent documentary. I learned a lot more watching this about the late 30s Japanese actions in Manchuria and SE Asia, which was largely glossed over in my HS/undergrad studies. Tragic ending to the Empire, but they asked for it.
Their women are still amazing. Dated one, have soft silk and almost straight pubic sexy! Plus they age so graceful--
Pride of the colored race
康太 Kurumi Kouta狂ミ
You know what's funny? If Japan and German won the war, we Japanese would be talking shit about America and England
Fucking ameria get the hell out of aisa
Ferid Sedik
Japanese basicly lost the war at midway]
Ym Mm
amazing that these propaganda documentaries never mentions about how the war in china was even started. Japanese embassy and business in shanghai, nanking, and in many other places in china were the target of attack when the chinese civil war erupted. japan had the right to defend itself by sending in its troops to protect their businesses and civilians in china by international law, yet the u.s. government supported those chinese warlords by selling its weapons(which is an act of war by the international law at that time) and making profit out the mess in asia. Japan never wanted war, hell they didnt officially go to war against china till 1941 when chiang kai shek's army declared war on japan first.
Diego l
JAPAN IS CRIME COUNTRY 1. Assassinating the Korean Empress Myeongseong 2. Dethroning the Emperor Gojong 3. Forcing 14 unequal treaties on Korea. 4. Massacring innocent Koreans 5. Usurping the authority of the Korean government by force 6. Plundering Korean railroads, mines, forests, and rivers 7. Forcing the use of Japanese banknotes 8. Disbanding the Korean armed forces 9. Obstructing the education of Koreans 10. Banning Koreans from studying abroad 11. Confiscating and burning Korean textbooks 12. Spreading a rumor around the world that Koreans wanted Japanese protection 13. Deceiving the Japanese Emperor by saying that the relationship between Korea and Japan was peaceful when in truth it was full of hostility and conflicts 14. Breaking the peace of Asia 15. Assassinating the Emperor Komei.
Jeff Kim
Japan always has been expansionist and currently has territorial dispute with China (Diaoyu islands), Russia (kuril island) and South Korea (Dokdo island).  They are also building powerful military and looks like they want to start a war by changing their constitution saying that they can attack first.  Main reason why they are going back to old Imperial Japan is because unlike Germany, they brain washed their people after the war and lied about what happen during WW2.  Also Japanese government never formally apologize for their war crimes against their neighbors and still trying to hide crimes like sex slavery against Asians and Europeans during the war.
japan monky~~~
Alexander Bayley
The Japanese did some horrific things during the war. but what country hasn't? am sure if one were to have a look, nearly every country has done some unspeakable acts to one another.
yaro isamuxx
【WW 2】 Conspiracy of Roosevelt = US-DP / Liberal / Communist ⇒ 「Nazi / ISIS」 「US-DP」 Roosevelt = Intered War from  「Battle of Nanking」 = 1937/12/13 !! 「US-DP」 Roosevelt = Deceived US-RP & US-People !! ⇒ 「Lie of Pearl Harbor」 「USA」 US-RP = Pro-Japan,  US-DP = Anti-Japan / Liberal / Communist / CIA !! ----------------------------------------------- 【Vatican 】 = 「1937/10」 - Message of Pope Pius XI ・「All Christians & Churchs in the world, Cooperate for Japan Miritaly !! 」 ( ) ----------------------------------------------- 【Secret 】 Roosevelt = Wanted to Colonize China Land !! 1937 Battle of Shanhai = Roosevelt wanted to Exclude JP-Navy !! 1937 USA ⇒ Battle of Nanking = US-Army Enter the China War 1937 USA ⇒ 「Move」 Nanking ⇒ Chongqing = China Army 1937 USA ⇒ 「Move」 Nanking ⇒ Chongqing = 300,000 Nanking citizens, too !! 1938 USA ⇒ Battle of Chongqing = 「US-DP / UK / China / Korea」 ⇒ Anti-Japan 1938 USA ⇒ Battle of Chongqing = USA Attack to JP Army 1938 USA ⇒ Burma Root = USA - 200 Fighters, 100 Bombers 1938 USA ⇒ Burma Root = US Army - 300,000 Soldiers - ( Stilwell Road ) 1938 USA ⇒ Bomb on Many China Cities -( FlyingTigers / 飞虎队 ) 1941/06 USA ⇒ "Bombing Japan Plan" from China 1941/08 USA ⇒ "Trade blockade" = ABCD Encirclement 1941/10 USA ⇒ "Halnote" = Declaration of war to Japan 1941/11 USA ⇒ "US-Marin" returned from Shanhai to USA 1941/12 USA ⇒ "Pearl Harbor" = Japan Attack !! -------------------------------------------
1:09:30 "Unstoppable wave of retribution begins". It's a beautiful thing.
The Japanese empire has committed horrific monstrous atrocity against humanity every where they went like ISIS today. How terrible for someone to say "proud of Japan"? Evil must be destroy or it will destroy us. What is there to be proud about?
Reflection of Germany: A war of war Reflection of Japan:  The defeat of the war
THE VICTORS ALL WAYS WRITE HISTORY people need to research
the United States has TRUELLY been the DEMON of the world. I am Native American. I KNOW this for a FACT. they lie and recreate stories. like they been doing throught history
xialingan lin
The Japanese want to confuse truth and falsehood of historical revisionism, but they cannot change Japan's barbaric war crimes. We can see the Japan's right-wing devils not only does not recognize war crimes but also employs a large number of right-wing Network Army to distort and wash away the evil history
Pine Joi
Evil Japan.
Charlon Mariano
china will be the next ww2 japan even worst than what jap soldiers did to asian people
Ahmad Johan
Murica should never let the Japanese to surrender as the term of surrender itself is a form of humiliation by Japanese view. They should respect Japanese code of honor 'Bushido' by means of obliterating and annihilating that little island as what they deserved. That will serve justice to every countries in Asia that had suffers a lot under their occupation.
Brian Huss
Japan's Imperial ambitions ended over 70 years ago, all those responsible are dead. Japan was more than adequately punished. Its over.
Jesse B
I'm sorry but japan was never an empire. They had no world influence just domestic really
Minecaft CDB
Fuck japanese
Alexander Methyle
Could someone give me a list of the songs used in this video? Thank you for posting. 
Japan invented Chinese food
S Dog
All people and all countries throughout their history have done shitty things. The end.
korawit woonsin
now, Japan is one of the most powerful economy of the world. good tradition, good innovative technology, good people, good order, good country.
the republic rules the waves
Lol a lot of buthurt Asians blaming current day Japanese for something that happened half a century ago. While Japan was the only Asian country that grew beyond medieval asian culture. Japan had railways while China did even have proper roads and Japan had armies while Korea had bamboo sticks and slingshots. When a Korean blames a Japanese for conquering them it's like a Indonesian blaming me (as a Dutch person) for the VOC colonizing them. Both are whiny bitches, losers who blame the winner for winning.
HyungJoon Joo
Im glad this evil empire was defeated. It was led by an evil leaders and the military was filled with brainwashed sex hungry Japanese pigs.
To those who say the allies did the same, bombing dresden etc, Japan, like German, started the war in there region. the British did not start WWII, nor did the French, Americans or USSR. as an example of justification to retaliate read this example: . " you burn you neighbors shed and kill a few of there children and steal there car. SO your neighbor retaliates and burns your house down, with your entire family in it, shots your dog and lays waste to all your possessions. who is to blame? who was the most evil and who was the least honorable? You who struck first are to blame for all of it. You started a war with a peaceful neighbor Same as if you. poke a lion expect to get eaten. the Allies should have systematically killed every German soldier, the same with Japan after the war. as German and Japan showed less mercy when they invaded and occupied other nations. "you mess with my family, you will have no family" payback is a Bitch.
Dennis Vance
In Japan, as in all nations in all ages, women were told to give their sons to war and keep their tears to themselves. Neither a woman not a feminist, I wonder if the leaders of the worlds militaries would be as ready to send their sons off to war if they had carried them for the nine months before they were born.
Jack Rabbit
are there any proud americans here or just a bunch of cucks saying how mutch better it would be if japan won.
Yuri on the Edge
I like Japan and Japanese things, but they did some fucked up things in WWII. The atomic bombs were the only way of telling Japan's leaders "surrender or we will completely destroy your civilization from the Earth". They were justified. It is sad that many people had to die for the ambitions of ruthless militaristic nonsense. Unfortunately, the CCP today is repeating those same mistakes Japan made back then. One day the CCP will collapse or try to wage war on its neighbors DIRECTLY. Its a matter of time and/or maintaining the balance of power worldwide, which is nearly impossible.
karim sido
Japanese people are good people and the Americans are evil
El Guapo
What's with all this Chinese sourgraping? Japan humiliated your vast, undertrained peons, but technically you won the war because of the Allies. Nobody cares with your lost of lives. Your countrymen breeds like rabbits. Move on. Seriously.
hbfry jfiv
57:33 日军医生看诊和治疗中国居民
Miklos Halasz
from the seven samuraj  was a ground work for american artisst too used it in this video too much lies from the americans .strange  maybe have bad consience for having droped the atombon on japan Think it was disgusting crime .
Thats funy but true: the Americans behave as If they are superior. In fackt they are but show no respect. To bow to little yellow men is a long way to go. I'm afraid Its a superior thing and easy to be mistaken for disrespect. Jet a rise to victory doesn't grow them tall unough to look the ennemy in his eyes. Specialy not the long Dutch men simply by their size they can't and won't show respect to anyone. They remain to big! Allways. Sorry about that. Ha Ha
Ramiro 1992
I don't think humanity can forgive Japan for the attrocities they commited, they paid with the atomic bombs but i feel that was not enough, they deserve to pay more
wassup Hiroshima and fuxxing Japs. Here comes the Little Boy!! baaaaaaaaaaam lol