Russell Howard - Right Here Right Now 2011 [Full]

Best thing for a Harry Potter fan to say after sex is to just finish, pull out then bop her on the nose and say 'Mischief managed'
lost Girl
41:50 the smoothest microphone hand change. EVER
Someone else with a pringle addiction Seriously... halp.... Its a problem
fite me
say hello to russell ' wears a thong for an entire standup for one joke' howard
I’ve only watched this 170 times now. Still funny af
Angel Anderson
Is his friend spider... The same one that Jack Whitehall saw on Jeremy Kyle...
uwu edits
wheezing bc there is a male version of a vagazzle. it’s legit called a pejazzle i’m-
Explosive Salv
When he said “I watch poor tv” I thought he was gonna say he watches a lot of porn😂
Donni Zammit
I’ll never understand comedians how do they not die of laughter
joshua Arron Williams
It would have been hilarious if someone had turned over to this as soon as he saluted hitler
catie jule
Tom Likes Memes
Gonna get a cheeki Nando’s with the mandem
Linsey Spolidoro
"Smashy-face" was a real missed opportunity for calling it "face-ball" instead.
Right here, Right now, I’ve put the offer out,
Franklin DeLainey
Russell needs to narrate movies
James Archer
The point were he pulls out the fong is just up there
Heartless Bitch
At 1:25:00 when he's talking about the girlfriend and mismatching kitchen ware he reminds me of a mouse off of the movie the great mouse detective
“it’s 2011” we’re in 20gayteen and it’s the same
Dino Couldn’t Be Gayer
"bend over, let's get rid of the gruffalo" *_I CHOKED ON MY TEA_*
Wonderland Sweetheart
1:24:58 I'm a girl but I have like no sense of style so tbh my boyfriend could actually be like "Hey we should totally buy neon green utensils and a blue kettle" and I'd be 100% on board with it.
Silent Roses
1:26:00 + wearing a thong lmfao
Silvi Spirollari
“what’s this, rihanna?” “UMBRELLA!!! ELLA! ELLA! AAAAHH!!” “And Katy?” “I kissed a girl and I liked it!” *throws hands in the air* LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!!! I loved that bit!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kimi Nyss
The twilight jokes killed me 😂😂❤️
Humza Safdar
That Bristol accent is on point. JFC
Keira Morris
29:00 it’s 2018 and there we’re 2 arguments in my classes today about transgender people
hedge based conquest
Night Wonder
crazycatmandy xx
11:55 i love twilight but this should have been it
Unoriginal Memes
Congrats I'm your 200th sub can I get a shout out I know this is old but still
Jack-daniel Slevin
Llama Pacacorn
Thanks for uploading 👍❤️
luce cavill
1:00:10 - 1:13:57 best parts😂
Robin Peacock
I'm just laughing at the fact that I worked out the gay maths problem! lol
justice butteling
Is this one where makes the joke about the grocery store?
The fact that he wore a thong the entire show😂😂😂
Ethan Vaughn
Watched the whole thing, love him😂😂😂
league of gaming
I've just pissed my self funny af
Rhys Colville
I agree with that
Lmao 😂😂😂😂
I personally believe that even when YouTube ends, this will somehow be here somehow on it, that’s how god-damn funny this is
240p is the best p
George Robinson
Justin bieber colossal cunt
"I watch so much po-* My brain: PORN "I watch so much poor tv"
Kelly Brooks
I love this guy ♥ 💕 😍 🌟 ✨ 🤗he is the best comedian of our generation I hope I marry a man like him one day 😘
Mike Morton
how am i only seeing this now
Morgan Hudson
I loved the intro better than most comedians
Jc McLaughlin
LostinPlace Junior
anyone else think he sounds and acts like lee evans
Bryn The Slime Dog
1:09:50 This right here is an entire explanation of Russel's comedy narrowed down to about 5 seconds. Don't hate meeeeeeeee!
President Godfrey
Bbbbrrrrdddd ring ding ding ding ding ding dieng
that last joke is legitimate relationship goals
Soleil senini
this song was the shit
Kelly Hardy
Gamewreaker715 Gaming
The four twats that disliked this video is a spazz
Taylor Steer
Weird way to end a gig, horrible time for someone to look over you shoulder. Hi mum...
Isis Ryan
I’m trying not to laugh at this at 3:00 am in the morning and I don’t want my mum to hear me, but soon I’m gonna pass out😂😂😂😂
Nala the she-wolf
dem abs at 1:26:58
32. 2 christmass ago our family dog needed to be operated ON THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMASS so of course my mom DURING THE CHRISTMASS DINNER goes around showing everyone the part of the dogg they had to remove luckilly for me i hate christmass dinner weirdly enough so did everyone else that christmass
Rose Sweasey
Reece Hutchinson
I would be the 69th dislike. But I rlly liked this. Someone help me what do I doo. This is like asking me to chose between Nando’s and kfc 😂
I have never been happier to live near Norwich.
Hannah Shabiski
Fuzzz 123
His dog impersonations sounded like something off the Krays
Lucifer Callum
1:23:54 Me when I see myself in the mirror
Lazy Facade
My stomach straight up hurts from laughing
Sasha Pirogova
i think russell would be happy that willow creates great music now
that other weird person
What about 13 year olds or are we 2 good at getting it.
He is hilarious! God I love him! He's the greatest
Rick de Vries
Rock devote ban plenty label definition choice cast.
chekkie chekkie
I can connect my phone to the TV and as i was watching this my family was in the living room and I connected to the TV 😵😵😵😂
Weepingtrash posts
1:26:31 there you go
Emily White
😂😂😂I’m from brizzle
SFG Dove
35:38.....phil collins
Archie Lee
He is so funny
dan&phil lover
im in love with his comedy
dale wylie
44:18 my reaction when trevor shows up at michael's house in GTA 5
Mitzi the evil ferret
1:26:36 He's going to regret that one day.
Marshal Cassowary
I laughed so hard at the Thailand part I choked on my own saliva
oakley loader
do you like old Russell or new Russell
Khai Hoang
Is that Gavin Free in the audience at 49:41?
Emily Thomas
Who else ships Bella and the snail now?
JadeX Music
The amount of times I lost my shit my god
brandon palcher
Donna Manen
Lovely sweat patches russ
Josie Darley
When you have a sibling called Rachael who lives in London
Rhys Colville
I know right
Kara Handley
Uber love
Julian Saunders
Oh my god that bit about the budgie... FML (or maybe don't, actually)
Tender Sheep
Fantastic I fancied this greatly!
Muncie-chase brass
I don't like that he's taking the mick out of people with autisum, i have it and i find it afensive
MCSyruper Official
Aska Japan
I just got a porn Internet money
Shanks !
Sapnu Puas¡ Turn around! 😂 😂 💀
Ramune Sodaroo
Anyone else notice the huge sweat patches under his arm pits??
Yzella Landry
sleep walking is the most annoying thing i have. every now and again i wake up with bruises all over my body . it freaks me the hell out!
ya da
23mims to 23 10
22:00 - 22:20
john thomas