Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episodes 1-3 - Team Four Star (TFS)

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Be a REAL Vampire & Subscribe! ➤ />Please support the official release! ➤ Please support the official release! ➤ Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 06 is coming later this month, we wanted to give you all a quick refresher course on the series! Enjoy the first three episodes of TeamFourStar's vampiric dark comedy parody! ORIGINALS: Episode 1: "Psych, Hitler!" /> Episode 2: Bullets From Your Valentine /> Episode 3: TheCrimsonFuckr /> Hellsing Ultimate is owned by Kouta Hirano and Studio Madhouse, and licensed by Geneon, Madman Entertainment, Manga Entertainment, and Funimation. Get your Hellsing Shirts here: /> /> Support us on Patreon: /> Thanks to all of our Patreon supporters: Craig Thompson Christopher Ryan Scott Steve Jason Enniss Hanzo Hasashi Dalton Sargent Henri Helokangas Jeremy Hagen med aymen radhouen Spencer McAllister Morning After D Ryan Moursund Tyler Johnson AnyEdge PopaLarge Kevin Diaz Matt Koerbel Bradley Smythe Philip Warden Van Tarver Grimsha Cole Rigby Dean Walter Chulainn Howard Daniel Hickson Courtney Davies Tavaris Thompson Tyson Bekkers Evan Parmenter Matthew E. Cooper Tatsuo Zachary Wisniewski John Caldwell Engineer NeonPixieStyx Cole Stormoen Adam Staiger Jacob Wehunt charles wade lybbert Stephen Lundberg Brian Francois van Eeden Tyrone Kelly Kyle Morris Robert Glanville Alexander Hyslop Liam Ellis John Thomas William Miller Aries Smith thepopeofatheism Declan Francis Darrell Reed Charles Dooley Justin Mansour Ray Mos Matt Ryan McCully Sawyer Gardner J. L. Schultz FoLokinix Brooke Allen Nick SownSky Jordan Ashworth Mitchell Tye Tanner Steven Pogorzelec Nicholas S Pfender Dustin Hutcherson Cherrakee guzzardo (Baka Rebellion) Mike Miller Ben Barker James Talbot JT Asmussen Marcus Gonzalez Pedro de Mattos Michael Huddleston Amanda Mckowen Mutawapawa Zcc09 Kyle Tyler Owens Jared Bressler

I asked my girlfriend if she likes cannons... she said yes....
Chris murch
Integra: All of the sexual harassment Alucard: I'm not apologizing
Raiden the cyborg
HEY KIDS WANT TO SEE A DEAD BODY?! You are a platnium teir comedian
As a Texan, I am deeply offended that they didn't scream "yeeeehaw" after shooting.
"JESUS WANTS A HUUUUG!" Gets me every time xD
Alucard's hilarious and you'll quote everything he says.
Morgan Szufnarowski
That was a 70 inch... plasma screen TV *Inhales heavily* SO how can I help you?
Zachary Freeman
I watched this before the actuall show and I was not dissapointed with either. This was hillarious and the actuall show was totally bad ass
So who else is back here to binge watch the entire series after watching episode 10?
“My name is Luke Valentine” “And I’m Carmen SanDiego Guess where I am!” Why didn’t I watch this show sooner
"For God's sakes, Jan. Think of mother. ...I ain't jerkin' off right now."
Tiffany Griffith
*B I T C H E S L O V E C A N N O N S*
I was one of those stubborn TFS fans who only watched DBZ. Damn have I been missing out.
Talking Domination
“Release restraint level 1.” “Level what?” Reminds me of the kaioken joke.
Kevin Leugan
TeamFourStar should get an award for ruining animes. I can't watch the originals at all anymore because their Abridge versions are so much better.
Heemin Gamin' Station
But how could he sneeze if he's a cyborg? But the better question is WHY is he a cyborg?
Jackie McCann
“HEY, DANDYDICK! You missed~! _Whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop!”_ 🤣
What's wrong, "demigod"?Just grow back your legs! [Crushes leg] Summon up your demons! HIT ME! FIGHT ME! Give me a hug! Luke: ...Really? [music ends abruptly] Oh God no--!!
Kuro Chinoike
You activated my AluCARD😂
...I have watched this Dende knows how many times... ...And now I just realized that 0:55-1:20 was Twilight reference.
Scott Ellis
HeY kIDs WaNT to SEe A dEad BOdy
Alucard is bae and I’m a straight male
Alucard: Hey guys how's your health plan? Swat: Starts yelling and shooting Alucard: APPARENTLY, ITS GREAT!
"Father O'Malley'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reiley'O'Brian"O'Sullivan" This Celt is 200% Irish
Cunning Smile
"Some important guests coming today." "Are they hookers?" "No." "And like that you've lost me."
$20,000 for a Candi... Candy = sweet treat Candi = Name of a Hooker.
Andrew Kajander
i loved this alucard way better than the original
Daniel Walker
"BOOOOONDOOOOCK SAINTS! Seriously you must watch that movie religiously..."
Destruction Mayhem
29:50 Known as the CrimsonFukr! Also known as Alucard lmao.
It was the nazis wasn’t it
Gonna go out my way to say this. Hellsing should have the same popularity as Jojo's bizarre adventure. It both have clever characters, badass and stylish characters and a mysterious story setting. *_Who else agrees?_*
Voivoda Dracula
How about we go back to my place for a bowl of my favourite cereal, Count Chocku- *_DECAPITATION_*
seth federoff
"I could try seducing him... Wait! I'm not an Eight Year old boy!" I nearly spit all over my screen when she said that
joey arambula
Put me on a plane so I can put them in in a hearse #CatholicChurch
Kiara O'Meara
I'm so excited to cosplay as Seras in her red uniform, because I will be cosplaying as the abridged version of her. I love this series sooooo much. My boyfriend will be Alucard because he can mimic Alucard's voice in this version. I'm super excited.
Can we get a Perfect Cell vs Alucard battle? I just want to see the voice actor do both sets of lines really
Ryan Bryant
Роман Вайвала
"Sir Integra, what is the matter?" "Ughh... it's the f*cking..." "Nazi-i-is!" LMAO xD
Rewatching after the finale 😥😔
Lavos IG
Ok but why was he a cyborg?
Ackbar Reserve
So many memes finally make sense
Crazy Legs
I shot him 37 times... ALUCARD!, that kills people!
I like that Alucard’s already clearly decided Luke is going to suffer and die for ruining his tv, but it amuses him to be polite for a while. Well, polite for him, anyway.
Cunning Smile
His favorite cereal is Frankenbsonofaprotestantwhore?
Amy McCabe
Time to take an enthusiastic walk through the woods
Grim Whistler
"Some Ozzy Osbourne looking mother******"
39:56 Someone with damn good eyes double check this for me, is Integra's twitter pic, her in a maid's getup with a gag in her mouth?
David Morris
"That was a 70 inch. plasma screen tv. **sucks teeth** So how can I help you?
Let's Start again from the Very Beginning.
still watching 2019!
Random D&D Nerd on the Internet
“Hey guys how’s your health plan?” *they start shooting at him* “APPARENTLY ITS GREAAT!!” *death*
Claire Jessop
Walter reminds me of sebastion
Zack Maybe
Alucard = cell + dio
beef crumbs
Lmfao if alucard finished his job in japan and killed that last zombie, there would have been no high school of the dead, lmfao
lexi bastian
Watch with ENG. Canadian captions, they are hilarious
Xanxas Blade
rhys bailey
Y'know what's funny, the tfs Valentine brothers aren't different from the originals
26:57 @ Logan Paul
Wyatt Booth
Alucard: kills the main characters in Twilight Me: "I think I like this character!"
Young Bills The Prophet
Alucard: "Release restraint level one." Luke: "Level What?" Te Hellsing Ultimate Abridged equivalent of "Kaio-What?
Mason Swatton
Luke :I am a Demi god Alucard: 🤣 release restraint level one Luke: 😱
P1k3l U.O.A
Alucard has the same humor as I do, I love this.
Ronnie James Dio
"I could try seducing him." "WAIT, I'M NOT AN 8 YEAR OLD BOY!" Jesus, I fucking love TFS, they make some of the best quotes ever
Anderson must have thrown the bayonets into Seras, then hoped back around the corner to make a dramatic entrance.
Mikayla Barton
26:58 *HEY, KIDS, WANT TO SEE A DEAD BODY?!* 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That always get me.
Yuri '
Note to self: •Dont destroy Alucards TV •Give Alucard hugs
AKIRU Th3 G8m3r
Goku VS Alucard Alucard : Kaio-what? Goku : Level what?
THE Conney
and all of the sexual harassment / i am not apologizing ( i am dead ..... )
Živko Marić
5:01 So what can I do for you, Father O'Mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan....who is also Italian?
Gerlenzs Fontainegf
I really wish jan and alucard met in this series. I could totally see them getting along.
Der Igel
Van Helling:,, Vampire king... You lay upon ze bloodsoaked dirt of your ruined land. Castles plundered... Dominions in ruin... Servants destroyed - all to end ze hellfire wis wihich you sought to civer ze world. A bloody conquest having consumed hundreds of thousands, countless villages rauzed to ze ground, and over 20,000 impaled and prostatde by you and you alone to stike horror into the hearts of mortal men! Vhat say you, monster, demon , devil conceived by the bleakest womb?! WHAT SAY YOU NOW?!" Alucard: ... the Aristocrats. When I'll use this in future, that'll be so good!
In case no one said, or anyone missed it, the music on the background when Alucard replies to Integra about the "Noise Complaints" is Nobody, from Skindred (hope i wrote that correctly)
Jessica Ray
"YOU CHEEKY DICK-WAFFLE!!!" Alucard is perfection and I love him.
Did you know you have paid vacation days?
I never saw the appeal in this show...until i watched 5 minutes of this. 41 minutes later people thought I was a crazy lunatic on the train laughing his head off.
I'm drunk and this is amazing, I'm laughing like a yandere on crack!!!
Alu card
Dude the subtitles are legendary
This series sure has come a long way from the random one shot it started as.
"Jesus wants a hug"
Kai Roberson
7:57 it's kinky up in here ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
Carl Johnson
He then proceeded to tilt every panting he passed on the way here Alucard: menacing laughter
Turn on CC [English Canada] it's worth it.
Angry Yogbuscus
Level *W H A T* ?
Jon Kelley
29:00 The single most adorable moodkiller I've ever seen.
Robert Donahue
I can’t believe that after all this time, it’s finally over
"Think of mother." "I ain't jerking off right now."
"Boondock... Saints..."
justin serrano
Rob zombie would love this. For the Anime, dialogue and for playing his songs.
TLK_ Nautica
Hellsing is one of the best horror animes I've seen
it's called GAY CULTURE
This is the only accurate depiction of Dracula I have ever seen. All he needs is to smash someone vaguely resembling either Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker, Lucy Westenra, or Renfield. Or y'know all four
High Everyday
"The nearest elementary school is at least 10 kilometers away!"
Steve C.
It fits incredibly well that they used the same voice actor for Alucard & Cell.
David Smith
Walter did you know you have paid vacation days?
Upgraded!Kai The Falcon
37:42 he just used death screams if the classes from TF2 The scout The medic And The sniper
Who needs food when you have SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!
I could seduce him wait I'm not an 8 year old boy Seras Victoria
That was 70 inch plasma screen TV ssmch so what can I do you for
cai hazim
"Hey guys, how's you health plan?APPARENTLY, IT'S GREAT!"
john yarbrough
What was that song Alucard set as Integra's ring tone?
39:55 I want Integra's glasses. They're so magical, the reflection is protected against any mirror effects.