Jethro Tull - Black Sunday (live 1980)

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Intro & Black Sunday by Jethro Tull, from the VHS/DVD "Slipstream", released in 1981 by Chrysalis Records. "Slipstream" contains live material from the 1980 "A" tour and music videos, all combined to create a movie-like result. DVD PLAYLIST 1-2. Intro & Black Sunday 3. Dun Ringill (music video) 4. Fylingdale Flyer (music video) 5. Songs From the Wood 6. Heavy Horses 7. Sweet Dream (music video) 8. Too Old to Rock And Roll, Too Young to Die (music video) 9. Skating Away 10. Aqualung 11-12. Locomotive Breath & Black Sunday (reprise) JETHRO TULL LINEUP Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, guitar Martin Barre - guitar Dave Pegg - bass Mark Craney - drums Eddie Jobson - keyboards

RIP MARK CRANEY. A lost hero on drums. Miss him.
The guitar solo is amazing!! No Tull without Martin Barre!!! 
Tempo Nelson
superb!! mark craney on drums , extreme drummer of the times.
Felipe Araujo
This shit is more useful than a 4 year graduation in music
Dave Henri
..;A'  is such a great Tull record..this band is about as heavyweight as it gets..Craney is a soul drummer without compare..
treheth atheaqthqae
Yes indeed. Saw him last week and loved it. Such a shame about his voice, but the lad does a splendid job, and Ian's flute is awesome as always. God bless him. 
Chris Manzi
So right about Martin Lancelot Barre, underrated guitar Hero, and Anderson had a talent for sniffing out great musicians because he himself a GENIUS , so depressing when he lost his unique voice in the late 80's :(
DANGER.....Jethro Tull with Mark Craney can make you music mind blow up....
Ken McNeill
Jethro Tull.  The epitome of a professional tight musical performance.
I used to watch my Slipstream DVD frequently. Black Sunday is definitely the best song from the album A (the flute solo is my ringtone!)
Greg Campbell
saw this tour in Germany, opening act was Van Halen
chris swinehart
i think this song is about spaceships and robots
Tulio Machado
Ian B
One of my very favourite Tull songs. and probably my very favourite version. Brilliant.
James Gower
Found mark craney via Jean luck ponty. Powerhouse.
Tim Gainnes
one of their best albums. super creative, thats what makes tull great. no two albums alike.
Excellent music, excellent musicians, excellent live sound, definitely ..... excellent all!!
Maria Araújo
Eddie Jobson (keyboards and violin), great musician!
simon mckelvie
Recognize that synth intro, it's Anton Bruckners 4th Symphony ( the romantic) love this rendition of Black Sunday !
chris swinehart
pick up my feet and kick on my energy down to the gate with robots keeping an eye on me go to outerspace and give me immortality born the minute of my next returning patiently happy and toys looking at me
Erick Arias
this is what makes jethro tull absolutely brilliant, that capacity of playing a song live and make it sound as good as in the record, black sunday one of my favourites
Michael Wear
I was at this very concert and it. was unbelievable. When that big pink A was flashing and moving it was just too cool. I really wish this movie had been all concert footage as the concert was so good. They are great musicians but Eddie Jobson: WOW! What a talent. Craney was awesome.too.
Mario Bubalo
Ian looks like he escaped from mental institution in this white outfit. :D
Tulio Machado
the band of rock or the yeas 70 isnnt te simplen group was a littele camara orchesta
Kevin Robinson
I have to say that although I love TULL to 1979 this is probably my favourite song. Everything after 79 just has occasional inspiration but this is one.
Paul Commodore
you belong to one-no one-you didnt stand a chance son,if your hands were untied
Tulio Machado
En Español latino .Jethro Tull es de lo mejor en el mundo del rock sinfonico ,pero un momento analizen este grupo es excelente ,pero no es un grupo normal es verdaderamente una orquesta de camara muy buena tocando Rock,son de lo mejor en el mundo del rock
Merle Doughty
I have stood on these cliffs above Eastbourne UK in the spot where the pram is pushed over.
Nicholas Douglass
Intro very like Elton's "Funeral for a Friend:" Not accused Ian of plagiarism of course!!
chris swinehart
come a tumbling the robots are coming
tacobrew thyme
With the sound of the wind, in the beginning, I thought they might play Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.
Brilliant! I just had to clap!
Matthew Cannon
Is that a reference to The Prisoner at 1:32?
Rosario Meza
me gusta mucho este disco
Alberto Manfredi
Jethro Tull es la orquesta e cámara del rock.
Jean-Victor de Boer
shell suits lol, bring on the 80's, precursors
Carlos Peláez Broncano
"Tomorrow is the one day I would change for a Monday"
Tull was a favorite and this show was Anderson and company’s greatest in memory.
Trufa Trufa
Orv Pibbs
Saw this show back in Chicago at McGaw Hall, in Evanston,Illinois. Twas a great concert!
I was absolutely fascinated with the performance until I spot 7:47-7:55. Please, tell me it's not a flute line playback :/
This is Ian at his prime.  33 years old.  A huge inventory of music behind him and his voice not yet fading. 
alan james heidemann
Thanks Big Daddy this music keeps the Airwaves Free! Long live Tull.
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Merle Doughty
Visiting Eastbourne in 2003 we went walking up on the downs aabove Beachy head a very sad place however moving across the cliff tops I saw beachy Head Lighthouse and the spot I guess where the pram went off of the cliff and of course Slipstream came to mind
Maurice Spurway
The orchestral into is the Finale from Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 4.
Jeff Leonhart
Saw this "A" tour in LA-LB arena seen almost all Tull show thru the years- no matter what line up always outstanding great Memories Tull rocks!... Jeffrey Leonhart Redondo Beach Ca.
Jean Gigot
I would like to get the score of this outstanding song. Any idea where it can be purchased?
chills !!! I wonder what became of the giant "A" they used in this concert tour ??
I wonder if these guys had absorbent layers under their jump suits. The energy! They must have been sweating like mad after the end of this show.
Great song. One of my JT favourites
Randy Jones
Barriemore Barlow should have stayed in the band , Jethro Tull never did really have any big albums after his departure.
abdelhadi nadif
what a great song never forget
Jean-Victor de Boer
very intricate
Daniel Lemos
Música foda!!!
Donald Moore
This was one, ass kicking Jethro Tull band .Mark Craney was such mind blowing drummer.