London luxury hotel room tour - Shangri-La at The Shard with crazy views

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With what surely must be the best views of London of any luxury hotel, the Shangri-La London, at The Shard( is inside Europe's tallest building. With amazing Shangri-La service, seriously luxurious accommodations and some great drinking and dining, it's a perfect place for a London luxury adventure. I spent a few nights in an Iconic City View Room and it had just that, iconic city views of London's biggest landmarks. It's also in a great location, just across the river from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge and with a Tube stop right underneath, it's easy to get to anywhere in the city within a few minutes. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to see more of my videos Check out my luxury travel blog, />@Luxury Fred on TWITTER - />@Luxury Fred on INSTAGRAM - />Luxury Fred Facebook page: /> Get cashback on the Shangri La Hotel At The Shard - book now

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4:14 - The direction your looking is East. A bottle of Evian mineral water on the bath rack so you can add water to the inside of your body and well as the outside.
jay cam
London is over priced even us that live her think that
Claire-Catherine Campbell
Aside from travel wish listing, as a fiction writer your tour gave fascinating and valuable info for place setting (I'm considering the Shard for crucial scenes) - thank you for your thoroughness! Happy and safe travels!
lucy morford
Beautiful, I've stayed here a few times! The pool is amazing!
well done FRED - one of the better tours of a room thanks
Eugenie Gen.19.5
IMO the room didn’t look luxurious but I liked the amenities (the laundry drawer is a clever feature).
Max Jerome
Luxury Fred you live the life that we all aspire to lead. A toast to you sir.
Noor Noor
Wesam Mansour
Amazing review,and an Amazing Hotel...
Fantastic views!
warren whane
pls...make a videos for luxury hotel and casino, showing all the entire spaces of the building as well as the exterior, for my design subjects...thankyou.!
Vivianny França
hi dear i loved your video coz your englsih is clear and understandable , i am an english teacher and i think it's good ideia you record more videos describing places , and telling the details! loved it
When he casually mentioned there was a tv in the mirror I just went "For fuck's sake..." The high life really is something nowadays isn't it?
hi Fred.i love this video :) the room looks amazing.Im debating between the iconic king room with city view and the premier king room with city view?because i would love the view of tower bridge from the room.I saw some pictures on the website and the room has different view of the city.which one was the one you stayed in?thanks and have a great day
Mia Henriques
London is amazing
George Macnally
I work in London in a 5 star hotel Park Lane I would like to one day move and work at the Shard. Thank you so much for your video of my fair city. I pass this building every day on the train to work. I don't think us Londoner's were told about a rooftop pool with a view that has never been common knowledge WOW well unless you have stayed there. I urge you sir to try next The Sanderson Hotel on St Martins Lane just off Trafalguar Sq. Not much on views but the decor and service are impeccable. 5 mins walk from Charing Cross station so that you are still only a stones throw from the river and near Buckinham Palace and Downing St. Well thanks again good video I hope you get to try out The Sanderson and if you do please post another top notch video. Kind Regards
Moonlight L
How much does this cost?
i think it is quite a cool to work there great video though
Makes you glad you're not staying at a place like Motel 6 or Rodeway Inn, doesn't it? lol
Paris sans fin
"Luxury"?!! I wouldn't stay in that hideous, ghastly building, even if someone paid for me to do so!
I cant wait for the day i can just travel the world and look at all these cities!
Going London tomorrow i swear
Travelzoom Education
Gorgeous !!
yasmine marak
I would love to work here
Eddie's Adventures
I am 9 and I went to Bristol and I got a really nice business class room with an amazing view on the 15th floor and tallest building in Bristol!
Michele Conley
I only lasted a few minutes. Does it come with clean water? Haha what about a telescope to really view the city? No? Hmm not so great huh just binoculars. Cheap. Take a shot every time he says The Shard or Iconic 😂 Bored 😐
Angry Reviews
sorry, I didn't quite catch it... where are you again?
Lovely! I can't wait to stay there.
Slushy Sunday
Fred can u pls make a Bally's las Vegas suite review?
The Shangri-La Hotel is a good hotel but there are at least another 7 or 8 hotels in London which are far better. This hotel relies heavily on it's amazing views of the city
George Macnally
Thanks Fred and enjoy
Where is the love [?]
Why is there Finnair boarding music in the backround😂
Geraldine M
London is the best, you could probably see my house from that view, I live about 5 minutes away from all that jazz!
Pyry Kaksonen
Natasha Rice
One thing I didn't see was any blinds on the windows
Crystalic Rain
I really want to travel over the world tho and try all of the hotels (i love hotels omg), but.. the freakin budget :")))) Well maybe someday..I supposed
Tarik koca
Following the Map
What security features are on the door? (Eg, Type of safety latch, how to open the door, is there a deadbolt lock)
BCP '10
You might just have the best job in (and all over) the world!
yeah great room! nice in call massage service there? hahahah
the tech nerd
Nice video fredd
Seema Chowdhury
can u plz tell me the 1st intro music of this video???
Horse lover7717
Jeez! Such a pretty view! All I get is a view of a street or highway!
Aniela Panal
Hi Fred, what was the name of the suite you stayed in?
Eezzy Gamer
how much would a night or even a week to stay there cost?
Given the spectacular views of this room, I must conclude that you're a very calm person with great self-control. Leave it to me and I would've thrown the TV cabinet out the window, and flipped the desk :)
Philip McCullough
Hi Fred! I really enjoy watching your videos! I'm booking a short solo trip to London and I am considering this hotel basically for its incredible views, however I would like to know what the service is like in the hotel? Did you have a good experience? I'm concerned about this especially considering I will be travelling alone