Rone Boiler Room Live Set at Nuits Sonores Festival

► A masterful live set from the magical Rone at Nuits Sonores Festival. ► Subscribe to our YT channel:

Tracklist: 00:53 Bye Bye Macadam 04:30 Flesh 09:35 Let's Go - feat High Priest /!\ (Wild Edit) /!\ 12:45 So So So (Live Edit) 19:00 Interlude 23:00 Fugu Kiss 28:00 King of Batoofam 32:00 Beast (Live Edit) 37:00 Bora Vocal (Live Edit) 39:00 Parade (Original) Each songs are differents from album cauz: THIS IS RONE!
Wilix Junker
90% des commentaires écrits en français c'est des gens qui ragent sur la façon dont les gens s'habillent et/ou dansent.. bravo vous êtes une belle bande de champions !
Max Barlow
When you discover music like this, it makes you wonder how much other good music you might have missed
Leigh Mc
I discovered Rone a week ago. Since, I am responsible for at least 40 views of this set. If not more. This is not good as I need to remove my earphones, move on with my life and once again intergrate with those around me.  Anyone with advice or suggestions as to how one weans themselves of Rone, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Is this heaven?
Le meilleur set jamais passer en boiler ,a mon avie
There's something about Rone's style which is just great. I see a few people hate him for the music being 'slow'. I think you're missing the point, music especially electronic doesn't have to be this fast paced mess to be fun, if you want that then look elsewhere. Rone's style gives off quite a lucid and tranquil effect which is amazing, serene and full of emotional undertones. 
this looks like the most awkward party in the history of humanity
Starting with Bye Bye Macadam is always gonna be a sign of a great set! ...Anyway, I want to go out now and get completely drunk and try to dance to some good music! BOOOSHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Denver Cld
Qu'une chose à dire: Merci RONE !
Romain Romain
Je t'adore mec ..ta musique m'emporte. ...☺😃
one of the best liveacts i've ever seen!!!
Such a compelling set! His gestures show he's totally on a planet of his own  :)
This is one of the whitest things you'll ever see.
Quoi le public ? Il est normal. Faudrait eut-être qu' il fasse semblant de passer un moment incroyable, en agitant les bras et en gueulant comme des possédés, pour essayer de se convaincre qu' il n' est pas en train d' écouter de la daube qui pue, comme les ploucs qui vont voir Guetta et autres starlettes de l' EDMerde ? Le seul problème, c' est qu' il y a trop de lumière, quand je bouge je veux un minimum d' intimité.
This guy looks like what DJ's were in the late 80's / early 90's pure nerd with a good sound :D 
When in doubt shuffle awkwardly
André Pinto
holy shit. didn't know Rone live was even better than his work as producer. amazing.
Nicko Luna
Pour moi, la plus grande CLAQUE Electro de 2013... Merci Rone!!!
the audience all awkwardly staring at the camera in the beginning is priceless.
Thuy Vy Do Huynh
How the hell am I discovering this in 2017 ?!
Que buen tema!!!! igual así con todo respeto!! jajajaj que risa el chico de atrás, con pantalones café!!!! :D simpático..
Alexis Rossignol
Aussi pas malins qu'ils puissent paraître (OSEF en fait), les mecs derrière ont quand même vu Rone et Tale of Us qui sont 2 des boilers les plus incroyables que j'ai entendues. GG d'avoir été là.
Christophe Clarysse
je découvre ... j 'adore un live electro comme j aime  la novation tourne à plein régime , excellent performer 
la transition à 4.30 est sublime
Sven Serge Hamann
the tourist bus- group had a lot a fun! nice!!!
manon racine
9'45, quelqu'un connait le titre?
My second favorite Boiler Room set
Norbert Karman
5:00 Please give me this version O.O
Thomas Rivet
Absolutely brilliant. Bravo!
Pierre Lefevre
Rone, quelle folie, quel son, tout juste magnifique.  Et les dancers, rien a cal. tout le monde danse comme il le veut...
Synthie Boys
Absolutely massiv fluid organic liveset, I'm totally in love
Sandra Raid-Winne
mamammamiaa !! RONE <3
Maik Grimnir
What is the name of the song by 9:35?
Them guys on the right have definatly been dabbling with some drugs.. xD
Gabriel Asper
Ce remix de "Flesh" est carrément orgasmique, heureusement que j'avais un slip de rechange sur moi.
Philipp Playforth
39mins in , jesussss. Euphoria kicks in!
il fait vachement jour dans cette boite de nuit
badN boyF
OMFG :O i just find the best channelle in youtube!!!! & this is the first time i heard about Rone and i loved Himmm .. this is kind of music i like , finally i'm gonna live in peace !! thank u ♥
This guy is incredibly good!!!! ;)))))))))) I need more!!! ;))))
J'ai eu envie de tarter le Jean-Jacques blondinet au pantalon beige baissé et polo noir tout le long. Oui oui, je parle du "mec" qui se trouve au centre de l'écran, derrière Rone et qui "danse" comme un canard. Pour le reste, excellent set.
Asael Dumange
a real trip!!!! please!!!!who can summarize the id track list???
Pedro Pola
amazing! truly amazing. I didn't think I could "feel" like this with all the electronic music I have listened to, but this guy is truly in a class of his own.
non mais les gens qui commente , vous venez pour  critiquer le public derrière ou pour regarder la performance live de RONE  ?   je vous voit très bien à passer votre temps en soirée à critiquer les gens autour de vous  !!  désespérant et affligeant  !
Bro' Da' Tek
Dario Frede
27:00 - 35:00 is just so dreamy and groovy.
Viktor Ischenko
"Flesh" is the best for me !!!
Animo 777
un Génie
Im That Guy
hipster rave !
simplement genial. Pur talent!
En même temps, pour danser là-dessus, faut s'envoyer quelques "vodka-red-boule"!... 😛😲 😁😂
edoardo folli
So good! I love this live set!
Vilma Correa
the best set ever ! 
this looks like a set from the 70's
Mark Nembhard
He's to cool for school. Immersive beats are quality
ATO 743
18:25 nice transition in both music and video hahahhaa
La vidéo que j'écoute en boucle pour réaliser mon mémoire. Merci de me filer la motiv' !!!
Burn da Rookie
seltsame Menschenansammlung, war das vielleicht eine Klassenfahrt?
henri alto
no live skills and pretty average this guy really famous in France? maybe it's fine for teenagers..
Red Star
beautiful ... this guy is craaaaaazy )))
Patou Patou
regarde avec tes oreilles si jpeut me permettre ^^
it's amazing how at exactly 30:00 a woman takes the place and is enjoying the show on her own. everybody else doesn't notice her.
Laurent B.
That moment when even the motherboard of the video recorder could not follow the grove anymore 18:24
from 33:33, the girl on the left knows how to dance to electronic music.
fabrice dayde
Très bon groove ... J'adore
looks weard, but sound is amazing! hope u willbefamousdj
Gianni Teleska Official Uk
Kaique Soares
Amazing !
Anthony Bain
Amazing set, this guy is incredable
Nino KopfKino
just watch everyone separately..every austrian party i've ever been in..i can see why it was always boring for me..(i know it's not austria,but pretty much the same atmosphere ,but music is deffenetly better)
i love that music! but he looks like a classic rapist:-D Sorry...
Gábor Szabó
What an absolute masterpiece!
Love Rone!
Fabrizio Bogado
François Mastroianni
Song @20:45?
Isma Batool
Wow, just wow!! :)
talented. very talented.
Thank u god for this great artist ;)
Jus Gana
love this guy
Nicolas Gafner
this is damn good!
Omar Pozos
Master! 👏
Marcell Csoka
Pretty much killed it.
Just magical...
Josselin Billard
tro cool
Besmir Zanaj
that release 33:15
Cristian González
Epic french touch!
adam ker-lindsay
Killer mix :)))))
ils ne savent pas danser
23:33 ooh yeah
Jonathan Barker
4:58? please mercii :)
This guy is an heroic endboss! Can't wait to see him today in Amsterdam.
Pedro Pola
this guy is good. (been listening to electronica, and even Proto-Electronica since 1990)
Marinko Levatić
guy on the right 16:48 hahahahaha
It takes true dedication to do the same ridiculous dance for 44 minutes straight.
Yahs Soren
Music is great! How does he beat mix without headphones? Oh, its all prerecorded.
Anita Lachner
Please!!!! Who know the track at 7:00 ? 
ludovic raffray
j ai aussi envie entartrer jean jacques blondinet !!!!!!!!!