Iguazu Falls The Mission Soundtrack

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Video clips of Iguazu Falls in South America. Soundtrack is Ennio Morricone conducting three songs from the movie The Mission: Gabriel's Oboe, The Falls, and On Earth As It Is In Heaven. Movie ends with repeat of Gabriel's Oboe. Thanks to all the Youtubers who uploaded the various clips which I have edited and combined into this one video.

Morricone Iguazu The Mission Gabriel's Oboe

These falls were created by the hand of He who is most holy. God our Father in heaven. I can't help but weep watching this and hearing "Gabriel's Oboe". Weep with joy at this beautiful video and music. Also weep for the martyrs who went out into the world to spread the word of God and paid the ultimate price for their bravery. Blessed be their memory and all that they sacrificed in His name. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Amen and Amen.
Mahmoud Ahmad
Ennio Morricone........your scores move even the harshest of hearts.
Mirinda Van Der Lych
Gracias Dios por bendecir a mi país Argentina con maravillas unicas en el mundo como las Cataratas de Iguazu!!!
Larry Thompson
Great score and one of the finest movies made in the last 50 years. Based on historical events, it will break you heart--and lift you in the end.
Petrozza Mak
This magnificent music did not win the 1986 Oscar for the best musical score. The Oscar went to Herbie Hancock for "Round Midnight." Some of the voting members may have been tone-deaf.
Victor Manuel Zamudio Garay
Es una pieza de. Arte magistral , divina. Gracias al autor. Ejecutada bellamente, con unción espiritual.
Julio Lope
los guaranies son loa dueñoa reales de todo esto! no un pais ni dos, vivimos divididos x nacionalidades pero olvidamos q solo hay un lugar, un planeta y q todos somos hermanos
Ernesto Melendez
la grandeza del dios verdadero, un regalo para la humanidad, su creación superlativa en la tierra gracias Jehova por tu gran amor
The most beautiful and majestic Messa di Gloria! Breathtaking beauty and power of Nature combined with the divine music of Ennio Morricone... When looking at this incredible scenery one can't help thinking of God... Does He exist? I'm falling on my knees in front of such beauty - in humility and admiration...
Lavie Est Belle
one of my favorite video of all time thank you thank you thank you a million times this has given me peace when needed
Mariano Alojado
Thank God for the Iguazu Falls. This Falls was the natural haven for native South Americans who escape the onslaught of conquerors and colonizers, particularly the warring colonizers from Portugal and Spain!
Charles Buxton
Edward P.
All praises due to Almighty Jehova (Lord Jesus Christ) for His wonderful handiworks, for His steadfast love for mankind endures forever!
Bernadette Falcone
What a wonderful powerful creation of God JEHOVAH in all his mighty he  intelligently  fashioned the earth of beauty and serenity .. Praise the Amighty God of all your heart !!
elena corbalan
cuando veo este video, pienso que he desperdiciado mi vida
Patricia Owens
toastie postie
Wow! Gorgeous. great video.
Colin Beadon
What a magnificent part of the world,and what music to go with it.
Alabado sea el Señor! Sea por siempre bendito y alabado!
Bill Lawton
Pure Musical Genius.
Andres Ernesto Juárez
the iguazu falls are mostly in Argentina. South America is not a country.
Jessica Castillo
Fascinating wonders of the earth.
vito stranieri
Ennio morricone,the best in the word!
Jose Hernandez Reguero
Impresionantes las cataratas y alucinantes Morricone, orquesta, coros y sonido. Gracias YOU TUBE por el espectáculo. Saludos desde Granada.
John Innes
Rodrigo Silva
Stunning job, great job, Capolavoro Ennio !!!!!!
mariaMaria d'attilio
ascoltando the mission e osservando il video , non ci sono parole è tutto super, bravo Nostro Ennio Morricone un Genio italiano Unico al mondo
ma am
y pensar que todo esto era territorio 100% de Paraguay hasta que Brasil y Argentina se lo robaron en la Guerra de la triple Alianza... Cataratas del Yguazu territorio Guarani
Cindy Parker
If you are a person who claims to not believe in God, you see these falls and still not believe in God....something is very wrong! Only God could create such beauty and strength. Amen.
Mahmoud Ahmad
If this is in earth, what is heaven like?! Praise Allah.
Andres Forcelledo Parada
Vania Lopes
O sul do Brasil é maravilhoso.
Lavie Est Belle
53 that did not like this song or video you must be posed by evil
Devia se chama canção dos oboistas ... É tão sentimental q acho q os oboistas q não sabe tocar, não são oboistas de vdd. ..
Lola martinez criado
Mansour Malik
Beautiful Divine gift for our earth planet. Thanks dear Tess for sharing it with friends
Neil Eardley
rjohnwi...thank you...the glorious pictures are so apt for the wonderful score..
domenico flamini
musica che fa venire la pelle d'oca. bellissima.
Edwin Negapatan
How I pray this music and the souls of those who sacrificed their lives could be an instrument towards everlasting Peace and Love
dinivater vokuba
che Bello
How can anything be so beautiful the glory of God
mariaMaria d'attilio
ascoltando the mission e osservando il video , non ci sono parole è tutto super, bravo Nostro Ennio Morricone un Genio italiano Unico al mondo
Leonid Bózio
acerca de casita de mis viejos... <3
I find it hard to believe that 1, let alone 33 people disliked this tune / vid - OH WELL
Gherardo Girardi
natura magnifica, musica de ensueno, estamos muy y muy cerca del Cielo en esa obra... estamos cerca de Dios, si  a caso el existe!
James Minn
Borboleta Morpho
one of the most splendorous places on earth!
Martine Marty
Quand la Nature....sublime rejoint la Musique...pure merveille...love love
Eddie Lloyd
I loved the Film The Mission, the video is really something special. very nice.
Manuel Carvalho
James Eads
Yes there must be a God
Betty Boop
Impresionante!!! Es un sueño por cumplir..visitarlas con la banda sonora de Ennio Morricone en mis oídos.
Dave Thomas
Forever in your debt thank you so much Henrietta for bringing it into my life
Greg Savvinos
Franz Kellner
Words cannot describe enough the beauty of God's nature in this video and the wonderful music with it. Just wonderful. Thank you for sharing !!!
Impresionante!!!!!!!!!!!  Gracias
Mary Jongerden
There are no words to describe how utterly moved I am by the music and the video of this spectacular Falls!!!
Ettore Ugoletti
Abbinamento perfetto sembra che suoni l'acqua
In Memoriam R.I.P.
A masterpiece.👏
Peter Daly
Absolutely marvellous composition, cannot be surpassed. Timeless and sweet sorrow grows with every year that passes since the eighties  
marta susana cabrera
Light 106 year
For the victims of the chapocense football team which is located only a 6 hour drive from foz da ignazu , r i p .
Francis Osuna
The Mission...one of the best movies was based on the true story happened in the year 1750, around the borderlands of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil... 
"Buy the truth, and sell it not." Proverbs 23:23
The Lord's mercies are like a river! They just keep coming and coming. It never stops flowing!
"Buy the truth, and sell it not." Proverbs 23:23
If you do not have Jesus then you are missing out, and will miss out. Still, He loves us still!
Estos videos son la mayor parte sólo del lado brasilero es decir sólo del 20% de las cataratas
El Canal Desconocido
¡Qué magnífica belleza! Me deja sin palabras: ¡Maravilloso!
El Canal Desconocido
I consider this like the best youtube video that I ever seen.
El Canal Desconocido
Al ver esta clase de maravillas dejas de sentirte mediocre, contingente y mortal.
Very beautiful location. Nicely captured!
En el Canal 7 de Costa Rica utilizan esa melodía, para pasar las esquelas de los obituarios
El Canal Desconocido
I don't know why, but when I saw this video, I stopped feeling insignificant, contingent and mortal.
マリアヨーコYoko Maria
Maria Elena Franco
Hanjo Kim
이 영화를 11살때 보면서 정말 실화일까...::::::::어떤 상념이 가득왔었다... 그런데 난 느끼고 말았다 육신보단 정신과 영혼이 젤 중요하다는 것을 그때에 난 혼란과 언제나 실수를 하였지만 이 영화로 평안을 얻었다
it is PERFETTISSIMO. or perfettissimus in latin
John Paul Kim
Greast Music and Nagara beautifull fall.....wonderfull!!!
Alejandro Kalfayan
The Iguazu falls are situated in Argentina !!!
Alejandro Kalfayan
Importante aclarar que las Cataratas del Iguazu estan en ARGENTINA !!
When I saw this, I immediately subscribed to rjohnwi. Although his musical selections are wonderful, most of his videos suffer from "I think I'll try this [special effect] syndrome." However, this remix is so sublime and so perfectly executed (and challenging to produce from it's many disparate clip sources), I find it hard to explain. Suffice to say, in just a week or so (and dozens of replays), this has become the crown jewel of my favorite YouTube creations. Thank you so much RJohn.
How did the score not win an Oscar!!!
Ian Anderson
That he whose name is JEHOVAH Art the most high in all the earth. Psalm 83v18
Dano Pierce
The music and visuals are breathtaking. Lovely, those who argue about whose religion or whose God is the best miss the whole point. Look at the falls, listen to the music. Have they seem the movie? I still nearly weep when I think of how arrogant religions have brought so much suffering to the world. Christianity is no exception. Religious people seek rewards and are motivated by fear. Spiritual persons seek truth and are motivated by LOVE! True religion is rooted in LOVE and kindness. Peace 2 U
Alicia Livani
My Argentina!
Laavanya Pasupuleti
With the Grace of the Divine I was able to visit the Falls this past January on a beautiful Sunday where the sky was so blue and clear. I even had the opportunity to see it on a full moon night. There are no words that can capture the grandeur and magnificence of Iguazu. I folded my hands and bowed down to Her! Noone but the Creator could have done this.....
Sergio Sánchez
yo vivo ahi!!!! 
La forza della natura e' inarrivabile, quanto la musica di Ennio Morricone.....
Daniel Huarte
Música de eternas Cataratas
boko milchevski
the best
Omar Alfonso
lastima que la magia se pierde cuando vienen esos presumidos y odiosos argentinos a decir estupideces como que las cataratas son de ellos, solo sirven para vender boletos turísticos, pero no han hecho más que los guaraníes quienes seguramente hubieron respetado esas maravillas de la naturaleza, que pesar ...musica y video hermosos
edgard ramirez
muy buena musica(gran ennio morricone)a mis 46 años lo sigo escuchando,precisamente hay aqui en youtube un tributo a esta peliculade un compositor llamado Albert Pulstar llamado iguazu falls(a mi personalmente me ha encantado)
Rosy J
Merveileux de revoir ces chutes d Iguaçu.. je suis passée juste auprès en bâteau ! Grndiose, un très beau souvenir avec un groupe formidable ! que de bons souvenirs
Thank you
Maria Ribeiro
Foz do Iguaçu. Paraná Brasil.
***MÔN'CRYSTAL'DE'RÔCHE VÎÊNTT'D'IGUACU !! µµµ**DE'L'HÔMME'QUE' J'AÎMAIS !!!!! Mais sa mère m'a mise à LA'PORTE? Je n'étais pas assez bien pour lui?!! EN REPUBLIQUE SAN'MARINOISE !!? ***BÎÊN'QUE'SON'PAPA'TRAVAILLÂS 'SE'CHÊZ'RENAULT !! Â-BOULÔGNE-BILLANCOURT !! Elle mettait tout L'ARGENT de ses hommes? SUR SON COMPTE BANCAIRE? >>Et >>LEUR Donnaient leur ARGENT DE PÔCHE?!!? ***VRAÎ de VRAY !!>>J'avais jamais vu'çà? à 22 ÂNS?!!àllez'23?
Ángeles Garrido
Una de mis películas preferidas, especialmente por el tema, la banda sonora y el paisaje, con esas cataratas por las que pude pasear en el 1882, y de cuyas impresiones escribí un poemario inédito, que quisiera algún publicar y dedicarlo a Argentina, país al que guardo un gran afecto.