Fade to Black 1980 TV Trailer

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Fade to Black is a 1980 slasher film starring Dennis Christopher, Eve Brent Ashe, and Linda Kerridge. Mickey Rourke also features in a small role. The film was nominated for many Saturn Awards, and Eve Brent Ashe won one for Best Supporting Actress.

Back when TV trailers actually were scary to watch!
Eric Modzelesky
Twinkle Twinkle Movie Star, Eric knows just where you are. Try to run, try to hide, You won't get out of this alive.
Ricardo Rivera
I was six years old when this movie came out in 1980. I remember seeing this trailer on tv one night when I was sitting in the living room alone. I jumped up and ran down the hall into the arms of my two older sisters who were in their room talking. Ahhh, those were the days...haha.
Michael Honscar
Scream Factory needs to release this on blu ray. Dennis Christopher and Linda Kerridge are both still around and could do interviews/commentary
Love this trailer!
Metaluna Zombie
an underrated gem
Aiber Lane
Oh no, it's a goth kid holding a popcorn and soda! I know I'm scared.
I first saw this at The Bronx's Prospect theater with A Force of One as the co-feature back in 1980
Maggie Koch
Creepy trailer to a great and unnerving movie
It looks like Marilyn Manson.
Eduardo Rivera
GREAT PREVIEW..These J ..really know how to frighten.
matt kelley
i was looking for metallicas fade to black
A Deeply underated film, should have been a classic horror slash suspence slash thriller film. Wonder since hollywood is runing ideas for new movies, they mite do a remake do this one, but do it like black swan meets Takashi Miike.
I remember this trailer and was impressed by it. Notice also how a piece of popcorn falls into the soda?
As young as I was when I saw this trailer on TV (about 8 yrs old) I always knew it was a total ripoff (the only one done) of the even creepier "poem-trailer" to Magic with Anthony Hopkins!