DIY Tutorial: How to Dye Hair at Home (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Come behind the scenes today with me and…MY GRAYS! I’ll be sharing #MyOliaStory with you, and I gotta say I loved how luxurious this oil-based formula is! Don’t believe me? Come along and see for yourself! Promotional and other consideration provided by Garnier. So here's the deal... Ever since I was sixteen years old I’ve been getting grays. SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! Thanks mom! Just kidding. But really, I’ve been having to deal with this for awhile now. I have a wonderful colorist Bianca Hillier, who I’ve been seeing since I moved out to LA, but the truth is with my busy travel and work schedule, I can’t always make it into the salon! Also it can get a little pricey when my grays decide to come back every few weeks. I’ve touched up my grays myself before, but this was my first time using Garnier Olia. I was pretty impressed with the luxurious feel of the formula- it really felt like quality product that wasn’t going to dry out my hair. When it was all said and done, my hair actually felt amazingly soft, and the color was beautiful! And guess what else? NO MORE GRAYS! Woo! To buy this product visit /> For a full list of Garnier Olia ingredients visit /> {Let’s Hang!} Instagram: @SazanHendrix Facebook: @SazanBlog Blog: Snapchat: @SazanBarzani Show my hubby's new channel some love: /> What do you guys want to see next!? P.S. Don't forget to Subscribe!! Cheers :) XOX, SAZ

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Divya Kapoor
Where have the bangs gone!!
Disa Chantel
Do a morning routine! (Please) :)
Mariangel Matos
Looks great! Would love to see a morning or night routine <3
Did Garnier sponsored this video?
U are aware that this seal on top of the bottle should be removed after you mixed everything not before?
Elvana Vana
Have been using OLIA for over 2 years and I cannot use any other hair dyes. Usually use dark brown 4.0 and sometimes 3.0 darkest brown. At the end my hair is silky smooth but I can still smell the dye a little. What I really like about OLIA is that it's ammonia free since that is really bad for hair. Would totally recommend OLIA it is the only hair dye I use and I dye my own hair too :) #MyOliaStory XOXO
Can i dye my light brown highlights (colorist used bleach) at home with brownish black to blend in with the rest of black hair?
Amanda Bredal
I had try it - so good
Khawla A
that's wonderfull 💖💕 i will send this vedio to mom, she ofcourse will love it 😍 Thanks
Alicia Rubio
I love this hair dye! 😻 Did you only do the roots or all over?
Chantelle Marie
I started at 16 too! I'm 19 now and it's cost me a fortune
Courtney Crosdale
I was watching Stevie's snapchat and you guys are in Alaska! I live in Fairbanks, Alaska!
Georgia Sanchez
I know in this vid she hasn't got her Bob haircut but Iv really been inspired by your hair! I dye my hair blonde and it's like the length is medium to long, so bored of it and gonna embrace my natural brown and go for a bob I think!
Galaxy Motions
or you could of dyed your hair full grey, you'd look amazing in it my opinion
Rachel Erickson
Your hair looks so pretty
Nathalie Seegobin
Loved this video Sazan! I've been graying since I was about 16 too which sucks and I always have someone else dye it for me or go to the salon which is so expensive. I'll def try this brand and do it on my own next time😀
Ellie K
You look gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️
the video looks like t.v. but in modern way 😅
I used this the other day and this was my first time using box dye and I really did like it. My hair was so rich and even. What color did you use?
Monica Rodriguez
Please tell us what color you used? 😊
Looks great!💕
Miss K!
Same here.. Lol all my sisters have it even my brother 😧 it's a headache,, I don't use hair dyes anymore I use henna
Kimberly Nolte
Wow, looks great!!! Tempted to try this myself. What color did you use?
Cinthia Macey
Awesome! what is the hair dye you used?
Wow, this is advertising bullshit what a disappointment.
Abigail Garcia
NO GARNIER TEST ON ANIMALS! 🐕🐈🐒☠⚠ Please do not support animal cruelty 🚫
I got my gray hair at 16 too! Its only getting worse! I have been touching up my roots with Garnier hair color. I have tried many brands but with Garnier you always get the color that is on the box!
u are so beautifuul!
Sumbul Amir
You did a great job. 😊💓
Patricia Maheras
i tried this dye last week for the first time! and im obsessed! my mother in law does my hair (for free) but i feel like the color turned out better than her professional stuff!! so ill pay the $8 and do it myself!
Betzy Cuellar
Love it 🙂
Angie Padilla
A few months ago I used this brand because I had a coupon. It smelled way better than any dye I have used, and it left my normally dry brittle hair, silky smooth for a week or so. I am a brunette also with a bunch of grays. They are really annoying I agree. But, within a week or two I saw my grays peeking out already. I have been dying my hair at home for years. I used a medium brown, so I was surprised. That was just my experience.
Girl, I have had gray hair since I was 11!
I’ve been getting gray hairs since I was 17 lol
Yara Abdin
can you try going a lighter shade or lighter highlights at home?
rojin amedi
Radja Kehal
love you so much 💞 your perfect 👌
Where did you get your hair dryer from? Cute size :)
Iles Formula Official page
Your videos are so fun!
B Clark
This is BS, she clearly has highlights in her hair. Not done out of that box.
Andrea Nicolosi
Lots of love from Brazil is on your way...
Johanna Lopez
You look like Eva Mendez a little. Ugh I also get grays at a young age. It's so tedious. A try this out. New subscriber ❤️
Cynthia Rodriguez
What color did you use? And did it darken your brown highlights?
sardonia huner
how sweet you are 😍
Emma Sosa
I actually dye my own haor at home as well and I use this same Product Garnier Olia in the same exact color, Darkest Brown. I love it. It truly is great. I was so happy to see that you used the same product.
I feel so Special rn, because I found this secret video haha Can you show us your daily styling routine of your hair? Would be so great! xx
I think this shade will be almost black on most people. It would definitely cover any highlights you have, I don't think she did all her hair. I would go a shade lighter, like a medium golden brown to achieve this color.
omg me too!! I have been getting greys for years. it's nice to hear that someone else has too!!
Izzy C
when I've dyed my mine dark/darkest brown, it turns my hair BLACK🤔
Jahida Nuradin
Plz Saz do a ethnicity videos, where are you come from?
Jennifer Georghiou
I love your videos so much! You are the best - seriously! Not only are you giving helpful tips you are also super real and funny- love that!! xoxo greetings from Germany!
Lucia Carromba
OMG awesome!!!! THANK YOUUUUU!!! Love you:)
Aaron and Michelle
Would love to see some inspiration fall outfits and fall makeup tutorials with the classic plum lip color!
Bri Lively
Question for you, I see that you have a natural brown color throughout your whole hair, and have highlights in certain areas almost close to a red or brown. Do you know what color that is? I've recovered my hair from hair dying. But at that point of dying, not my scalp but certain areas to give a little look when I curl my hair. I have medium dark brown hair.
Maira Barco
Me too! I started getting gray hairs since I was 17, thanks to my dad!
Liz Satterfield
Looks Beautiful!!! ❤️ love!!!
What colour is the hair dye?
Dragana T
please tell us what color did you use? 😚
Lorena Garate
What nail polish r u wearing
tanya mecham
Me too😫😫😫 Every 3 weeks have to color
Berivan Dilan
Found your channel through your "10 Things You Didn’t Know About My Wedding" blogpost and read that you are Kurdish! Glad you are doing so well :)
what about the rest of your hair?? i love that color ist like brown blonde...
Justin Tribius
Don't feel bad, grey hair is genetic for some like in family. My brother got it since he was 15yrs old
ElizabethM Xo
That must be frustrating lol omg to deal with grays also remembering to always touch up
Veronica Jeph
same here i also facing all these situations
Veronica Jeph
this method is harm for hair or not??
specially her
I tried it in the past but i found out that its a demipermanent dye, which is not great for grey hairs since it will eventually fade
loving drama
you're Kurd ?😱😱yesssssssss
loving drama
I'm here because of your cousin she is amazing person
Maria Fernanda
box color is so bad for you
Fiza Aziz
my sister uses this its nice colour but fades very easy
Katana Medina
I started with gray hair age 32, I awalys buy Natural numbers last longer ;-) now i have 39 i have half of the hair lol★★
Najber Abdo
Love it!
im sorry but I dont buy it, you have brown highlights all over your hair, which should have been dyed. .. im sorry, no offense though, I had a REALLY bad experience with home coloring, it's never this easy 😂
karen Fittipaldi
thank u so much for this tutorial, very helpful for those in between touch ups, btw, i have very similar hair color and gray situation. Just a few hairdresser says to only do the roots when doing in between color, i noticed that u did root to ends from the beginning (not sure if thats right). even if u did, arent u supposed to pull it thru only in last 5 minutes of coloring? also, I find with my grays i have to leave color on for almost an hour. i saw that u used "darkest brown", but ur color turned out with a slight reddish color as opposed to black, which is how i like mine too 😉. I was wondering if maybe this is just how the color turned out on with ur hair or if u had some tricks we didnt see. again, thanks so much, very helpful!!
How do you fix your roots if you have highlights/balayage? I usually dye my roots at home too but recently got a balayage and I don't want to ruin the professional color that I spent mucho $$$ on. Any tips???
تاني التاني
الله عطاك جمال يجنن احبك وتابع فديوهاتك صح م افهم كلامك بس عادي اهم شي اشوفك وتابعك 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕😟
Sannys Girl
Who comes from xsannykaur Too❤️?
Tricia Shea
First time on my own. Thanks for the tips. By the way you are so cute.
Loved your video !
Mary Reynolds
You have gorgeous hair! Yes, the color look fabulous too :) I am so wanting to treat my hair, been wanting to for a very long time. My problem is, since I was young, I have always had multi colored hair. Different colors of brown. It also look as though I have natural highlight's too. When the sun hits it...omg, so many natural colors of light and dark browns..More so light. Anyway, in the mix I have tons of gray. TONS! My problem is I have no idea what color to get. I want to keep my hair color, just get rid of the gray's. I have it everywhere, so not just a root touch up. :( Do you know what I can do or what to get? I'm ready to have it gone! Thanks Mary