DIY Tutorial: How to Dye Hair at Home (Step-by-Step Guide) смотреть онлайн

Come behind the scenes today with me and…MY GRAYS! I’ll be sharing #MyOliaStory with you, and I gotta say I loved how luxurious this oil-based formula is! Don’t believe me? Come along and see for yourself! Promotional and other consideration provided by Garnier. So here's the deal... Ever since I was sixteen years old I’ve been getting grays. SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! Thanks mom! Just kidding. But really, I’ve been having to deal with this for awhile now. I have a wonderful colorist Bianca Hillier, who I’ve been seeing since I moved out to LA, but the truth is with my busy travel and work schedule, I can’t always make it into the salon! Also it can get a little pricey when my grays decide to come back every few weeks. I’ve touched up my grays myself before, but this was my first time using Garnier Olia. I was pretty impressed with the luxurious feel of the formula- it really felt like quality product that wasn’t going to dry out my hair. When it was all said and done, my hair actually felt amazingly soft, and the color was beautiful! And guess what else? NO MORE GRAYS! Woo! To buy this product visit /> For a full list of Garnier Olia ingredients visit /> {Let’s Hang!} Instagram: @SazanHendrix Facebook: @SazanBlog Blog: Snapchat: @SazanBarzani Show my hubby's new channel some love: /> What do you guys want to see next!? P.S. Don't forget to Subscribe!! Cheers :) XOX, SAZ

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