How NOT to cut down a rotten tree

Last summer a rotting tree was leaning badly against some others and we decided we better cut it down before it came down on its own. I knew it would be hard to get it down with a small saw and brains. But I didn't know how funny it would look in fast motion! Here's part one of the comedy. This is clearly not the way to solve the "rotten tree leaning into another tree" problem. But it worked. If anyone knows what we should have done please comment.

Christian Montrose
"No trees were felled during the making of this video."
Derp DeDerp
The smartest thing they ever did was film this.
I came here for the Benny Hill music
Jon Mil
That's AOC s uncle before he ran a flower shop
michael paulissen
Darwin's Law advances at its own pace, this man is living on borrowed time.
"I fought the tree and the tree won."
Congratulations, you have now become one of those videos for the instructors to show on how not to do practically everything about cutting a tree down. Well done.
Thanks for playing..."Are You Smarter Than A Pine Tree."
jim fran
thats the funniest thing i have ever seen wow what dopes you guys high?
Herbert Hoppe
i love it. cut the tree, plant it 1 meter more to the right :-)
Jen Ocean
Well you made it shorter!
Atlas WalkedAway
Oh, so thats what the VA's surgeons do in their spare time.
I also have that saw, Poulan is made for people like me who don't know what they are doing.
Jason Luong
For a rotten tree, it sure has a lot of fighting spirit.
Ladies and Gentlemen..... Possibly 3 million lives saved by this video! I feel so good! It brings tears to my eyes knowing how many lives we have saved! It took 8 years but we did it!
Shirley Senkler
The Bennie Hill music was perfect!!!!!
Adolfo Pedregosa
The tree had the last laugh
Bud Barron
what is hollower the tree or the twit of a lumberjacks head?
the flash
The Benny Hill theme song actually FITS this stupid video..
Bob Natusch
Some people shouldn't be allowed to have chain saws...... Especially this guy !!!!
@1:42..... a pair of channel-locks... yeah i dunno, they've always worked for me. he must be grippin' them wrong.
Marty Marsh
I think that was fantastic and the music sent me in to hysterics. But I would stay out of logging if I was you.
Darien Seminoff
This was painful to watch...
The soundtrack reminds me so much of Benny Hill's Show!
James Epperson
just needed a bigger pair of channel locks
William Warner
Fascinating. Did not cut the noch first. Loved it when he humped the tree near the end. Tree did knot like, broke his chain saw. then stood in defiance.
Stephanie Grubbs
Poulan chainsaw=$75 Amusement from watching this=priceless
Kani Fuker
Thumbs up here though i think i may have just pee'd my pants i laughed so hard at the end bit.
Burning Nose
I thought the tree swapped into his face🤔 Luckiest man on Earth. 😱
How the hell did these guys make it to adult hood.
jim mitchell
since they never show the top of the tree, I imagine it is tied up by other trees.
Korn Fehlt
This problem solved Darwin!
carefull with that chainsaw eugene :)
patriot fan
why don't you climb all the way to the top of tree and start shaking like like a monkey on crack?
Nair Olf
he probably made a better work with a nail clipper :-)
Ralph Duddles
They don't call them "widow makers" for no reason...
Rich Holland
Nice battery powered saw ya got there sparky lol
Machine Gun Nest
hire a beaver
I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed I'm healed from anger thank you God best comedy ever.
Nobody is born an expert. It was fun to watch and it seemed like they were having fun so why all the haters? (I feel like thou protest too much) Thanks for sharing and that was a stubborn tree! 😊
Black Walnuts
Learned everything he knows about tree felling from wranglerstar videos.
Sigh Phi Guy
jeez! first thing...dont use a mickey mouse chainsaw. lol the one you used is for picking your teeth.
Captain Everything
As much cutting that was going on I thought he was Sculpting.
john hopkins
you got the music right !
Joachim Sudergat
They must be twins. One guy alone can`t be so stupid.
jerry bushman
If this is your day job, quit
Harm Langeloo
Obviously more beer is needed
yusoff ghani
dr rex
Keith White
think this was a Hold my Beer' moment.
Justin Pate
tree's just run your car in it
Jarno Saarinen
I see the problem? His name is KIP!
red meat
I like that your saw is throwing powder rather than chips......Great vid!
Some folks should not use tools. they become tools. Fools with tools.
John Chase
Isn't it amazing that anybody can go out and buy a Chain Saw?
It would have helped to have a longer chainsaw. I'm a woman and I have 3 different sizes, but have used a much longer one! This was really comical, especially with that music. Thanks for the laughs!
Scott Thomson
Incredible!! this is a prime example of mother nature at work trying to clense the gene pool.
Pleasant Lake Pirate
So I said to the wife, no i've never done it before, but its easier than it looks, it's all physics...
Jennie Hughes
That was hilarious . Thank you . Lmao 😂
Joel Crunk
I guess this fella doesn't understand the laws of gravity? Lesson learned here? Circle (cut) meets the square.
nfl doesn't matter
Did you hear the joke about two guys, a case of beer, and a dull chain saw?
lee pagnini
When you FIRST showed this side of the tree was CUT THRU, the ONLY way to make it fall, was cut THE OTHER side of the tree, which you NEVER did!
Steven Starr
too bad it didn't land on the saw.
Dan Simmons
incredible! My uncle did the exact same thing to dead tree 3mo s ago. Finally a rush of wind toppled it over.
kevin cosgrove
this is why you don't let morons play with chain saws. Dummies cutting it from the wrong side. lol☺
Jerry Rasmussen
This is why you never trust anything that is gas powered or has a trigger with a Liberal.
p martin
Eh, they did their best. Just a difficult time. Everyone else now is a lumberjack...
V Star 1300 Adventures
Then Benny Hill Show music really completed this video for me.
Omfg , what a non talent !! He does litterally EVERYTHING wrong !!
Tony Ennis
5:17 "Exactly how we planned it" Well, at least they are not in denial.
6min 18sec... How much slack on that chain?!! Trees and chainsaws don't kill people. Stupidity does.
David From Atlanta
well he's a true pro...he's got a poulan chainsaw like all the pros!
Reminds me of that TV program : 101 ways to die ! This guy should have used up all of his karma by doing a dozen things that would normally get him killed !
carlos eduardo
Blunt blade, as well as loose, idling too fast blade kept on spinning, no idea whatsoever. Good luck he didn't lose a limb. Lock the chainsaw away from him.
Pat Lowney
Love that music from the Benny Hill show
Ramon Panganiban
Good thing thiae guys are still alive. Reminds me of Costello and Abbot.
Some people just don’t have any common sense!
Jason Cutchins
I wish that tree would have crushed his saw. That would have saved a life eventually
Keith Sibert
In the future invest in some wedges. Tree would've been down in minutes.
I can hardly wait for your "how to train a giant octopus" video.
Bernie Hunt
perfect idiots for this job - still laughing. Best thing for after work rest. Keep going on, hiiiihhhaaa
I suggest: 1. 8 hour training course 2. Background checks 3. Waiting periods for city boys wanting to buy chain saws!  8-)
Jason Mattishh
"How to get killed using a chainsaw" may have been a better title.
Bahaa Badri
I thank these guys they were drinking,,they sound like drink,,,,!
Plumberman Jones
What you should have done.........HMMMMMMMMMM. Get someone that has at least some idea of what to do. i.e a TREE SURGEON.
Mike Gustafson
🌲👍Sure hope you are planning a 10th Anniversary Edition! Or Party! 🍻😎
Richard Dreyfus can't cut a dam tree down ,. ? well certainly Charles Manson don't know what the hell's he's doing, geezz.! where are the redneck's when you need them. !! .
Jack Nadeau
The tree is already leaning what's the problem? must be the chainsaw's fault lol
Just waited for it to drop on him 😏
Robert Gift
"Tree sex"   Great caption, bamageddrain!   Thanks for the laugh.
Chuck Fletcher
Don't you just hate a Widow-maker that doesn't live up to it's name
Not once did common sense kick in.......amazing.
broadsunlit uplands
Videos like these , 2x speed Funnier/less painful to watch Waste less life time...
Micke Eriksson
WOW that Benny Hill music is "Bulls eye" 😲🤯
Words all lumberjacks live by- if you can't beat it- you may as well have sex with it. @ 4:40 I almost died laughing when he started humping the tree. He's just lucky he's still alive the way he was working that saw.
thoughts after watching first minute hope nobody dies here...
Rusty Nail
I've only seen this happen in person once in my life. Huge ash tree just somehow hit the other tree and stood itself back up again. the guy that was with me cutting the tree down had well over 30 years experience and had never seen this happen before. it was like somebody pushed it back up again .
Bertie Pimplebum
Professional Arborists (if that's what they're called) ARE worth paying. They are also worth viewing on YouTube to see how well they can fell a tree.
Ron Donahue
You were in trouble as soon as the lean of the tree changed... I enjoyed it thank you for posting.