Coast To Coast (Westlife) (Full Album 2000)(+New Tracks)* (HQ)

Coast To Coast (Westlife) (Full Album 2000) (HQ) This album was realeased on the 6th November of 2000 Enjoy ! Tracklist : 01- My Love 0:00 02- What Makes A Man 3:53 03- I Lay My Love On You 7:45 04- I Have A Dream (Remix) 11:15 05- Against All Odds 15:31 06- When You're Looking Like That 18:53 07- Close 22:46 08- Somebody Needs You 26:52 09- Angel's Wings 30:01 10- Soledad 34:08 11- Puzzle Of My Heart 38:04 12- Dreams Come True 41:45 13- No Place That Far 44:54 14- Close Your Eyes (New Track)* 48:07 15- You Make Me Feel 52:41 16- Loneliness Knows My Name 56:20 17- Fragile Heart 59:25 18- Every Little Thing You Do 1:02:25 19- Don't Get Me Wrong (New Track)* 1:06:36 20- Uptown Girl (Radio Edit) 1:10:20 21- Uptown Girl (Extended Version) (New Track)* 1:13:28 22- What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted (New Track)* 1:18:33 23- I'll Be There (New Track)* 1:22:08 24- My Girl 1:26:05 25- I Lay My Love On You (Single Re-mix) 1:29:01 26- When You're Looking Like That (2001 Remix) 1:32:33 27- Westlife Megamix (New Track)* 1:36:29 28- En Ti Deje Mi Amor (Spanish Version) (New Track)* 1:43:31 29- Con Lo Bien Te Ves (Spanish Version) (New Track)* 1:47:01

Jacel Ator
Thank you for sharing..westlife is forever and never fade..i hope they are come back.
this album was out when i was 3 but i memorized all the songs lyrics! i really love them 😍😍
Rini Susanti
Nice Songs.. Westlife Songs never die.. I love you. never change my love for you.. thanks for upload this songs.. God bless you all
Chimaobi Anaekwe
West life songs will be raining from generation to generation.
tayra grunewald
Amei esse cd do westlife.
Yuki Yuka
My heart is whisper... holding on forever jumping on the imagine... i wonderful is butterfly i love you only just sew me. high so i can to be run a gun guys..... open your body language,, that about you lost control my name is PUTRI Sending messange only to EMIN " D 0 J 4 L L 4 H " SO EASY W120T3 TIME AGO Mean only secret kaw Sex combinati0n must G - U - B
Ana Meredith
Westlife 2018 ♥
Nath El
Puzzle of My Heart
Titi Herry
Kenangan jaman smp ❤ sekarang anak aku udah 2 😆
Iin Purwanty
Thank you very much I'm listening this songs today make my feeling better...Love you Westife favorite song is Soledad...😍😍😘
Choi Heap
Their songs never get old. 😍
Ike Feehily
Close your eyes...thats my fav
Genave Sharmila
I really appreciate all ur songs...thnk 4 theses beutifull songs
Rosi Dyah Pradita
FRAGILE HEART favorit bgt, tak lekang oleh waktu
Leeveil Williams
I love west life so much
mark jerwin paras
i love westlife song very much....kahit wala na kyo hndng hnd ku2pas ung mga kanta ninyo....
Amas Nuryana
😘😘😘 wetlife lagu yg tak termakan oleh jaman
Fahrur Rozy
my loovee...😍😍😍
RyzenRitz Robin
The adds suck
zik za
where is more than words 😟
Eleanor Jones
I really very west life it makes me feel happy
Sophia Agustina
*_Is the best boy band_*
Gina Mahinay
westlife I mis u ..soooo much...
Hileni Jonas
Sophia Agustina
56:50 My fav part
zik za
Pray for love 😶
Stellamarie Niyo
westlife forever!
rasha mejbel
Old days are gone.
Nonhlanhla Nuh
Best song ever Soledad 😘😘
Ria Jewelries
haha what's that noise! 😳
Ninha Neves
Muito bom esse álbum
Sutikno Ano
Penal Tenan lagune
Shamz Shaik
love these
Arif. Firmanysah Blue. S
Trooperjon Flores
this song was the best song of west life the gretest hits of all.....i remember this song all around the campus from all the bys dorm to girls dorm and from house to house until i reach my destination i still hear this song playing from the radio
these songs never get old
zhou jingjie
finally you're back! I'm so excited for the new music ahead but can't wait to listen to the old songs lol
evangeline abino
am glad you will be reunite again next year...the best boy band ever 😍
Ramola Ramdass
Love their songs oh boy they voice is sooo beautiful an amazing 😙😙😙
Hwang Shareen
Westlife da best!!
marry joy vego
Westlife forever
Sheen Manhombo
westlife did a good job and l love these guys....their songs touches the soul and the heart
CAh be new must
Iam very......very..... Like song Westlife
Jessey Coleman
Never have I ever fall in love and I did with Westlife, you are my favourite. Now and forever.
Still listening 2099 anyone??
daniel haufiku
Nova Iskandar
My fav, when you're looking like that.
Amos Hendarmin
kangennnnn merekaaaaaaaaa....nicky..
Elton Val Magtibay
where is nothing is impossible?
Lloyd Benetua
Westlife THE BEST
mobalog ID
the best forever
Mungkas Tripam
Ooh My Love.. 😘😘
Ange Madela
this album is nice
Wahyudi Yudi
Masih enak didengar, kenangan banget
Sophia Agustina
*I 💗 Westlife*
Abay Ngagebray
Westlife lagu ngenah pisan euy..........
Bagus banget
Gina Occena
Its very nice and beautiful songs of weslife my favorite songs all couze all the hard work its nothing if makikinig ka ng music of about weslife songs my idol
Christy lisnayanti88
Lagu zmn smp😁
willy jose perozo rojas
Lo mejor en musica. RELAX
Cindy Cruz
I really love westlife. Hay grabe dko tlga kayo mkakalimutan.
Kuda Gopolang
My favorite song!
RyzenRitz Robin
The adds sucks😚😚☹️
Miss tya amoy Tyaa
yarlita kak wendah cik tolong yang di sana ingin cepat keluar ya ingin kerja di pt bank bri perseeroo cabang pembantu purwa karta jawa barat jangan di wakil khuan sampai kaapan pun oleh siapa pun juga untuk.hongkong thanks you /khamsiah
RyzenRitz Robin
K pop is trash