KISS live ABC IN CONCERT 1974 - Nothin to Lose - Firehouse & Black Diamond

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Great early KISS show, it's one of there first (I believe second) live TV preformance way back in 1974. It includes the very very early costumes and live show. This is the complete show including all three songs: Nothing To Lose, Firehouse and Black Diamond (with later included fireworks by ABC). It's a TV show so multi cam with alot of energie from the young KISS members. You can download this video (with commercial line) here:

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Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland
Wow. This is crap,
Chris ayres
is this at the california jam it looks like the same stage if it was Deep Purple Black Sabbath and ELP played at this show
Fucking amazing.
Jason Lambert
How can this have a dislike? It has one.
Adam Jones
Black Diamond is such a great tune!!!!
Enzo Morand
Yeah I'm aggry with you ozzy ayres,the stage looks like the stage of the california jam but I think it was the 6th april 1974 and here it was the 29th march 1974,there are 8 days of separation,this show was filmed by the ABC
Angel K
kizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz luv u
Anyone know where I can find the first LIVE show of KISS? I cant seem to locate anything.
que chimba hijueputaa