Tekno - Samantha (Official Audio)

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iTunes: | Spotify: | Apple Music: /> Talented African artist Tekno releases yet another potential hit single titled "SAMANTHA". Produced by Kritzbeats who was behind the production of Tekno's other hit single "PANA".

phanie Avossé
who think that tekno is the best?💎🎶
Diana gonna chop up ya bloodclat 😂😂
Sam K
This is going to be my Jam for life since my name is Samantha...💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
Berney Sebastian
Who else is listening while scrolling down the comments.. hands ⤴ ✌
Samantha Rusike
my name is Samantha and loving this song cant stop dancing loooove it
Persy Flash
Chaii God "A" From Diana Pana Rara To yawa Now it's Samantha 😂⚡️⚡️⚡️❤️🔥🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲
Does Tekno make songs about his ex girlfriends? It's like he cheated on them now he regrets. My guess is that his first love was Maria. They had a good relationship but would always lie to her. He always asked her for forgiveness but would be a struggle. He moved on and found a beauty in Folake. He bought her clothes, gifts and lots of cassava. He liked Folake so much he made a song for her going like this: Folake, give me love o. Na you dey catch my shot o. For your sake I go go church o, We go drive around for my Porsche o Baby Pana, They say you like wahala I get wahala, Anywhere that you go I go follow you dey go ,They say you like cassava I get big cassava. Life was going well until a beauty named Diana came on the scene. He loved Diana so so much. He took her to London, France, and Italy. Their relationship went so well they danced for each other daily. Everything was looking good until David introduced a beauty to him named Erima. He immediately fell in love with her. He couldn't deny that big Ghanaian bum. They exchanged numbers and would chat through watsapp. He took her to that States for vacation where they enjoyed the nice summer breeze in Tampa. When chilling on the beach, a blonde beauty must he caught his attention where he couldn't even speak straight. This beauty must be Samantha. To me it seems like he's venting over the fact that he saw Samantha but couldn't make a move because Erima was their. After venting over the fact that he lost Samantha, he saw a curvy beauty named............................................... to be continued. This song fire tho!
Samantha Bennett
My name is Samantha and I found this song on my birthday 😄
Cletus Boynice
16th of June is my birthday can I get like?
Rue Zane
whoever is listening to this know that God loves you and you are destined for greatness..stay blessed
Will Ifeanyi
Who is still listening in 2018?
Kenyans nipe like hapa😊😂
Nkosingiphile Justice
I represent all South Africans.. Tekno is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kellyeazy Records
Because of Samantha, I want to marry any gal called Samantha, if you are Samantha, I beg bring the bill, I go pay
My name is Samantha, anyone else?
Angel Five
This Beat tho🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
James Travis
this is what you get from being versatile. a producer and a artist at the same time... Like if you think Tekno deserve Grammy 😊
Samantha Kay
well I am glad I am Samantha lol
Victoria Omoruyi
Tekno when are you going to make a song about Victoria? 😂😏
Maria Rivera
5 am and already dancing to this ♥️
Chinoso Nzekwesi
I just have a baby girl today i name her samantha how many like for me😍😍
Leroy Lifestyle
Tekno has no chill this year. Hit after hit
Samuel Leon
who else can't wait to see this music video🙌?
Omg 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥 love the song I think he wrote it for me
Katrina Aluya
I'm here from Texas❤
Abizzo Beatz
the beat is fireeeeee !...the way flute sound it remind me the old indian movie (cobra) lol sick
Farhiya Isma
Who's KENYAN here say Hallo big love to Naija 💋❤️
Jamillah Abdallah
everyone is the first..Ok team 254 come now
Samantha Rekhotso
can I get likes just because my name is Samantha
Davy Germain
Diana, Then Yawa And Now Samantha. Who is next.? 😅
Siphesihle Khoza
Liked before I listened😍
samantha rael
haha that awkward moment when your name is samantha
Jayllin Sara
mind blowing where are Kenyan likes before 1million views #boom fire
Samuel Leon
here before 1000 views hands up🙌🙋😎
Victor Ekeleme
Who else couldnt wait to hear this song
Shadows Of Hell
My name is Samantha the meaning of the name is listen-listener of God also flower each meaning generated from the different parts of the name Sama and Antha for further detail check Wikipedia.
Didi david
This song will soon hit millions of views ...who else agree !?
Sainey Bambino Fatty
if you love music, and you know that tekno is the best among the Young's lemme see 👍👍👍👍
Favour Aibangbee
tekno the best...who agree..?
Vice Mwas
#254 representing.... Cz Kenya loves Tekno's music
Nas Rol
You sabi cook music bro...chef of the industry 👌🏻
If Tekno doesn't win the BET award this year i will not watch those awards ever again..
Naima Lee
Why he always want someone to give him "Ginger" tho🤔😅
Trinity Fernández
Ever since I started listening to Tekno, he has NEVER disappointed me. 😊😩😍
Simthandile Hudson
I love the beat and nice voice. There is no one like Samantha. God has blessed him. She motivates him and makes him happy. He has been places and nobody knows his story.
Edith und Marc
I'm happy that I chose Teknomiles as my number one singer in Naija. guy no just dey sterve his fans at all. Always deliver
Samantha Samantha
141 dislikes for now... coming from girls wey dem never use their name sing...kai!
samantha dessap
Yeah.. Samantha is my name and this song got me crazy
Samantha Samantha
Yaya. I guess im not the only Samantha. #ShoutOutToAllTheSamanthasOutThere PLS EDIT ME 😊
Alisha Darga
Who like this song?👍
Charmone Onyeije
Diana is gone kill tekno.... Cause this Samantha is life..... He apologized in yawa to go cheat with Samantha.....kmsl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Gotta love that dam tekno
papa Pauson
Samantha,pana,rara,Diana,yawa,ohhh tekno ur de best
Leo Martins
I´m the only here want to see the video clip?
Samantha Samantha
Wut... Theres a song with me name?
Onyekachi Okorie
Samantha who will be next😇😇🙂😘🙃😍😘😍😛🤗😎😑
Tekno number one in Africa
Xadinho Amoes
I wish I had the power to issue Tekno a citation for composing hit after hit after hit! His talent has proved to be a weapon of mass destruction hands down🔥🔥🔥
j kish
Tekno is just too good...releasing hits back to back
samy antoine
My name is Samantha 😍😍😍😂😂
okeke dube
Nobody! Nobody!nobody know my story, that part got me. Tekno is simply the best, the ghetto mix gave the song a whole new tempo. Tekno must be a graduate of contemporal music, guys sound is sickening.
Olivia B
😭😭😭😭😭You should try singing about Olivia to...sigh
Julia Naicken
2018 be liked
Fridah Gakii
2018 and yessss....its rocking
Ben Vaughn
Igbo ooooo
Dickson Ntaukenga
Once u need to listen good music do not be far from Tecno,,,,,,, Nce song boy
black or white if you cant groove this jam you need Jesus
Tahir Albalushi
One Million !!
Who else is Danceing to the beat of this lovely song
Fire fire only Tekno 🔥🔥
Bey hiver
Notification squad💪
killian tendayi
when you coming down to Zim my King!!!!!!
obiajulu victor
Tekno! am jealous singing with girls name makes me feel cheated sing for guys also.. if not I will do It myself!! sing with victor oh victor oh u be my brother oh!
M2 525million views
Dope song omg, if this have 3m views I contributed 2m put on repeat 🔂 🙌🙌🙌😍😍
Agness Mboroma
u broke up with Diana?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Benny nakenya
Release video please😊😊
This video should have been dropped before go.
Nellz Songz
Samantha what did you do again lol 😂💃💃💃💯💯🔥🔥🔥
Rosa Watawa
Meu Deus... o Tekno canta muito bem.
SAMANTHA Ring Tune On iTunes. Who Concur??
Busta Vlogs
Samantha Lagamber
samantha ......
Agboniymar Tina
I love your music Tekno I don't no why
Jessirie de Smit
She probably would like me, or find me creepy, if she knew I found this song dedicated to her name.
Thokozani Fani
I used this song to get my current girl friend, as her name is samantha. It's been 2 and half years now dating. Tekno you the best man. Love from South Africa,cape town.
MaDy Moussa Traore
Colle 🔥😎💪🏾💪🏾
Melissa M Parache
This Dominican Chic 🇩🇴 loves ❤️ Tekno!! My ish right here!!
Mompati Gaogape
Eish Samatha......oooh my god ds track attacks my motions.....love it!!
Angel Rickel
i like listen to Tekno SAMANTHA
kerry y
No body knows my story🙏👍🤦
fabrice kouamé
I am of the Ivory Coast but techno is my best arstiste
onai dube
loving this track 😍😍 Sammy
I really like this song lol
NV norbby
Just realised that most his songs are either titled with a female's name or with a title or word expressing your affection or feelings or love for a lady or how you will treat her. Examples are Samantha, Diana, Maria ; Yawa; Duro etc.
Bren M
Who’s here in 2018?
David ugwuanyi
Hit makers
Kelvin Muchayi
this song reminds me of Tanzania. nyc song
this sound makes me think about my baby ... I like listening to him and danced with her this sound
Frias Frias Bienvenida
Soy Dominicana pero me gusta mucho la música de Nigeria
Andie Iton
Samantha do me something haha...mad tune indeed hit the like button if u concur...