Star Wars Auditions - SNL

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J.J. Abrams shares The Force Awakens screen tests for Daisy Ridley and Sofia Vergara (Cecily Strong), John Boyega, Emma Stone, David Beckham (Taran Killam), Jon Hamm and more. [Season 41, 2015] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: /> Get more SNL: />Full Episodes: /> Like SNL: />Follow SNL: />SNL Tumblr: />SNL Instagram: />SNL Pinterest:

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Cecile does an amazing Sofia Vergara
emma throwing shade at hersefllf ahhaha love it!!!
Elise Bauer
"I can play a very convincing, part Asian woman." Emma Stone 2015 lol
So the chemistry test with michael buble and rey worked , am i right 😁
Daisy's look when in front of Buble is adorable
"You will get me a coke zero..." Bobby as George Lucas kills me!
who else recognized Tucker's costume in The Fifth Element, or am I the oldest person around here? xD
Now I wish Danny DeVito had been BB-8
Frankie F.
"Sofia Vegara": "yes. We need to go to space" Daisy: "what"? "Sofia": :Is this for the minions? I love the minions, the little yellow guy. They're so funny you can understand nothing they say". Best Sofia Vegara impression.
From 3:00 to 3:10 ... Imagine Daisy looking at you like that ...
7.5/10 "Not enough Coke Zero." - IGN
Vin Nayar
Who plays winona judd?? That was hilariousssss
Linus Man
Rey was seduced by the Buble side of the Force
Zaid Khan
Sam Land
"You will get me a Coke Zero"
Indy Mutt Productions
"I find your lack of coke zero disturbing."
Abdul Rahman
I'm dying at the Beckham one what did he land on lool
Papa Spice
I love Daisy Ridley but Emma Stone as Rey isn't bad at all
rohan bansal
Find someone who looks at you like rey did to Bubble at 3:02 #INLOVE
I now fully advocate to get a klingon leslie Jones in Star Trek
Emma Stone nails. the best
Wow. JJ Abrams can't even get through an audition video without using a freaking lens flare!
"You will get me a Coke Zero" The George Lucas part got me
Chris McCall
I think John Hamm would be a great 'Negan'.
Bong Water
Sofia Vergara impression was the funniest.
ernesto de dios
I want a girl to look at me like the chemistry test between Daisy and Michael
I find your lack of Mark Hamill disturbing.
Mark Echevarria
Jon Hamm #HammSolo
Ruba the Skywalker dogga
wowww john ham is even hotter with the han solo costume.😍
David Drysdale
"I can play a very convincing part Asian woman"
I love that Daisy Ridley actually looked totally loved up with Michael Buble!
Greg Jackson
The fifth element reference was perfect.
That Sofia Viagra!
Murtaza Rizvi
OMG. i thought it was really sophia. hehehehehe
the only enjoyable thing about Star Wars is the parodies.
Elise Thomas
Cecily Strongs impression of Sofia Vegara is probably one of the best impressions I've ever heard. She got it spot on!!!
Bong Water
There are 7,000 comments that say Daisy is falling in love with Michael Buble. Watch the way she looks at Fin in the Star Wars Movie. The same exact look. That dude had nothing to do with that look. These people are acting. Not falling in love.
Younus Sohail
damn Daisy ridley is so cute
kyle jonas
The Sofia Vargara was spot on! Was it her?
nytehawk tawadi
If you haven't see The Fifth Element you don't know what you're missing. Chris Tucker as Ruby Rod, hilarious
Mark Perry
Daisy Ridley is so freaking cute
Roman Natale
You have no idea how many times I've watched this video just for Sophia Vergara
Wheels PJ
Love Star Wars and SNL.. but yeah... not funny.
Daisy ridely is so hot
Manish Mishra
Chris tucker....nailed it. U made my day
The look Michael Buble gets from Daisy Ridley...
Aux X
Bruh, they're savage for makin Leslie a Klingon. I can't. 😆
E. Steffensen
American humour man.... sometimes its the best, sometimes its just the worst ever haha
Hyrule 2.0
3.00-3.07 Her look is so adorable😍😍 If she would look at me like this I would melt away
Kawaii Panda
OMG at the beginning I fell of the bed laughing...eventually I laughed until it ended 😂
I need a girl that looks at me the way Daisy Ridley looks at Michael Buble.
Commander Stone
the best part was with "george lucas" hahahahahhahahaa so hilarious and also star trek
Am I the only person who thinks Jon Hamm would make a good Han Solo? Like between ep 6 and 7... (since this will inevitably happen within the next decade)
White Wolf
"Corben, my man! Aaaaaaah!" OMG i died 😂😂😂 #Fifthelement #Goodolddays
Jacob Binsfeld
I see Daisy, I click.
Carter Pewterschmidt
LOL I like Emma Stone taking a dig at herself. A "very convincing part-Asian woman".
Daisy Ridley is so beautiful
Susan Godfrey
"we have entered the neutral zone" "that was great but this is star wars not star trek" haha
StarWars 4Life
This stuff is so good oh my god it’s so funny.
Cecily is AMAZING......her Sofia is SPOT ON
"I'm not the George Lucas you're looking for" I lost my shit on that!
ahhahahahahaha Bobby's Danny Devito and George Lucas killed me
My goal in life is for someone to look at me like Daisy looks at Michael buble
Mikey D
Chris Tucker take LoL 😂
Josh Lopez
3:00 Daisy looking at Michael Buble, with that "Put a baby in me" look.
That Ruby Rod impersonation was hilarious, that dude sounded just like Chris Tucker.
Finlay Balfour
I just want someone to look at me the way daisy ridley looks at Michael Buble at 2:59
Mia Gonzo
lmaooo this is great like damn, they nailed the impressions 😂
All you have to do to get into a Star Wars movie now is be female or a minority...basically its like getting into college
Cinematic Galaxy
The only thing I really take from this video is that I'm in love with Daisy Ridley lol.
3:00 daisy is so whipped
Political Heart
fu abrams u dissed luke
Donovan Wick
is the joke that leslie always messes up?
Kyle Martin
That smile Daisy Ridley is showing as she listens to Buble...omg 😃 just so heart stopping
Sane Syntax
"Ima bend it" "No. No. No no no no n-" Gets me every time😂
Daisy 😍
Romeo Requena M.
Damn! When the men audition for chewbacca, don't made laughs, is a stupid humor...
TheMajR Payne
God damn you, JJ Abrams. Are you going to murder Star Wars in cold blood the way you did Star Trek?? Bastard.
I'm not the George Lucas you are looking for xD
Damn, that dude had Chris Tucker down cold.
BlueEyed Scorpio
How is Daisy so beautiful?!? Like Honestly?!?!
Run 4 Gold
Reylo please!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻😍😍😍😊😊😊
Paul Staller
am i the only one who thinks john hamm would be a better younger solo then the guy they have playing the part
Jason M
omg why the chris tucker fifth element costume Im so done
joseph megill
Daisy Ridley is who-ott 😁
Ayden Chi
are we not going to talk about kate mckinnon's impression of maggie smith
obi-wan Kenobi
Min 2:30 epic
Kight Neale
Jesus...I need to learn to sing like Michael Buble just so I can get the same look from girls that Daisy Ridley is giving off at 3:00.
Kawaii Panda
EPM 101
How can Shaq go to space when the Earth is flat?
ThatBroadwayNerdCJ Productions
"I find your lack of coke zero disturbing"
Adrian Rice
John Ham would've made an amazing Commander on the Star Killer Base
I thought that actually was the real George Lucas at first.
BbjmB 03
Chris Tucker's was so funny
40 years old, Abraham led the people through the desert, 40 years old Star Trek fans have been waiting for vengeance, and that's the sweet spot! Star Trek director has imposed its power on the holy. And killed its future Star Wars by its tolerance, their stupidity and arrogance. I think the choice of the president of Trump, all of you will be a lesson.
Flamin Hot Noodles
"I find your lack of Coke Zero desturbing" I cried
Shadow Eric
I feel like everyone missed the "Bend It Like Beckham" joke at 2:30 (only reason i caught it is because PAP English 2 forced us to watch the movie)
Negro Tarantino
They all look like the characters they are playing except the John Boyega guy and Daisy Ridley. They look nothing like the actual people.