Star Wars Auditions - SNL

J.J. Abrams shares The Force Awakens screen tests for Daisy Ridley and Sofia Vergara (Cecily Strong), John Boyega, Emma Stone, David Beckham (Taran Killam), Jon Hamm and more. Subscribe to the SNL channel for more clips: /> Download the SNL App for free: /> For more SNL 40th Anniversary Special: /> Get more SNL on Hulu Plus: /> Get more SNL: />Full Episodes: /> Like SNL: />Follow SNL: />SNL Tumblr: />SNL Instagram: SNL Google+: SNL Pinterest:

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Cecile does an amazing Sofia Vergara
Vin Nayar
Who plays winona judd?? That was hilariousssss
Oh my god Kate kills me everytime! Maggie Smith tho!
Emma Stone nails. the best
John Woodland
I need a girl that looks at me the way Daisy Ridley looks at Michael Buble.
"You will get me a coke zero..." Bobby as George Lucas kills me!
3:00 - 3:07 , Daisy falling in love.
Laura Bowden
Kate McKinnon's impression of Dame Maggie Smith had me in stitches 😂😂😂
Cel 999
Daisy was really smitten by Buble's singing
7.5/10 "Not enough Coke Zero." - IGN
Storm Pooper
3:02 Daisy Ridley is so beautiful...
Jackie Perez
i think david beckham, emma stone, and leslie jones one were the funniest.
my heart died when buble came on
Mostly Zaye
Sofia Vergara was so on point! 😍😍😂😂
Indy Mutt Productions
"I find your lack of coke zero disturbing."
Now I wish Danny DeVito had been BB-8
Israel Kay
Emma Stone talking about Aloha was honestly a recognition of a mistake I needed and it was funny wowie
Sam Land
"You will get me a Coke Zero"
Since when is Dame Maggie Smith german?
Mark Perry
Daisy Ridley is so freaking cute
3:30 Close your eyes and listen. Chris Pratt
Luqman Bhana
I found your lack of Coke Zero disturbing 😂😂😂😂
"I'MMA BEND IT" still a fave
Fiona H.
Kate's impression of Maggie was spot on 😂
Xavier Salas
Oh my God.. I would kill somebody to have Daisy look at me like that in 3:00 *-*
Tom Byrne
The david beckham bit was gold "Imma bend it!"
who else recognized Tucker's costume in The Fifth Element, or am I the oldest person around here? xD
Julia Moore
The scream of BB-8 when "Beckham" hit it😂😂😂
Cinematic Galaxy
The only thing I really take from this video is that I'm in love with Daisy Ridley lol.
andy slater
" u will get me a coke zero "
3:05 I would pay a million dollars to have Daisy look at me like that!
Delores Snyder
can we talk about what happened at 2:49????
So the chemistry test with michael buble and rey worked , am i right 😁
Damn you Michael Buble! Making Daisy fall in love with you...
The way Bobby's eyes shift as Lucas 😂
Daisy's look when in front of Buble is adorable
Benjamin Joensen
They introduced J.J. with a lens flare I'm officially dead
ernesto de dios
I want a girl to look at me like the chemistry test between Daisy and Michael
3:00 Hands off Buble...... i'm serious.
Ricky Downes III
Coke Zero is the key to all this.
Daisy doesn't even have to try.... like, dang...
Joshua Rivera
John Mayor was on point lol.
"I'm not the George Lucas you're looking for" I lost my shit on that!
DragonAge DragonAge
"YES WE NEED TO GO TO SPACE" It's impossible to hate this woman I swear.
w_R Andrs
What's funny is that they used Emma Stone to play and wear Rey's outfit when they had Daisy Ridley on the set XD
David Caro
u know the impressions are good when the comments aren't littered with how hot daisy is 😂
Jeffrey Riddle
love bug
so I just play with this then? alright ima bend it 😂😂😂😂
Elizabeth Midford
I am not the george lucas you are looking for You will get me some coke zero I find you're lack of coke zero disturbing
"You will me a coke zero"
Thomas Weeden
Fuckin Chris Tucker 😂😂😂
Josie Rude
John boyega is literally the cutest
The look Michael Buble gets from Daisy Ridley...
2:57 Wow!! what do you guys think? was that legit or she is just a great actress?. I mean of course she is but I can't tell if that was acting or she was actualkly seduced XD
I would cast BB-8 :)
Wyonna judd😂😂
Elise Thomas
Cecily Strongs impression of Sofia Vegara is probably one of the best impressions I've ever heard. She got it spot on!!!
ThatBroadwayNerdCJ Productions
El Sandro
That was a nice Bicycle kick :D
E. Steffensen
American humour man.... sometimes its the best, sometimes its just the worst ever haha
The George Lucas part had me rolling lol
Joel Ramos
That allusion to The Fifth Element had me dying! x'D
kingof trash000
2:49-2:56 jay freaking killed the chris tucker impression but we already know he's incredible at impressions so
emma kate
2:49 love him
Scatpack JC
George Lucas had me crying
Kyle Hargrove
Sofia and Chris were spot on 😂😂😂
kimberly casas
is this the one with the little minions 😂
I find your lack of Mark Hamill disturbing.
Sophia Vergara impersonation Nailed it. So Funny!!
Hyrule 2.0
3.00-3.07 Her look is so adorable😍😍 If she would look at me like this I would melt away
Daisey ridley is hot
I know it was supposed to be funny, but I really felt like Michael Buble and Daisy Ridley actually did have some pretty good chemistry...
Carter Burke
I think I'm gay for Michael Buble
Cat xo
omg the sofia vergara was my favorite but the dude that did george lucas and danny devito omg 😂
Thank gods there wasn't Emma Stone as Ray
3:09 - That isn't Danny Devito.
member chewbacca? oooh i member!
I now fully advocate to get a klingon leslie Jones in Star Trek
Audrey Levisay
You will get me a Coke Zero
I'm not the George Lucas you are looking for xD
Derek O'Brien
They did one of these like 20 years ago for screen tests of the original Star Wars movie in the 70s. Norm MacDonald playing Burt Reynolds, wearing a black leather jacket, holding the black helmet, chewing gum and say, "So this Darth Vader guy, what kinda car does he drive?"
has emma stone ever apologized tho
Kight Neale
Jesus...I need to learn to sing like Michael Buble just so I can get the same look from girls that Daisy Ridley is giving off at 3:00.
Bogdan Bogdan
Does anybody know the name of the intro song at the begining? Seems to be some electroswing. Thanx! 😁
From 3:00 to 3:10 ... Imagine Daisy looking at you like that ...
rohan bansal
Find someone who looks at you like rey did to Bubble at 3:02 #INLOVE
Abby Barron
the George Lucas impersonation was fucking hilarious
That guy nailed George Lucas.
Mr. Memelord
What about one about a mama, or a horse, or the lord Jesus Christ.
Gary Lytle
The best parts were with Fin and Emma stone
jay oliver
john mayer!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha
Santiago Chavez
"Jesus Chrast"
Murtaza Rizvi
OMG. i thought it was really sophia. hehehehehe
Anibal D. Masso
2:47 😂
I love how they introduce JJ Abrams with LENS FLARE!