SNL Digital Short: Natalie Raps

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Natalie Portman sheds her “good girl” image as she raps about doing drugs and cheating on tests at Harvard, among all the other scandalous activities in her life. Aired 03/04/06 #SNL Subscribe to SNL: /> Get more SNL: />Full Episodes: /> Like SNL: />Follow SNL: />SNL Tumblr: />SNL Instagram: />SNL Pinterest:

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dat calculation tho
Who's here after the part two😂?
So this is what Anakin saw in his nightmares......
came here after the 2nd rap wazzzuppppp
Sumaiya Aditi
me on my period.
palss 115
I am here after Natalie Rap 2.
Эркин Айжигитов
Just now I realized that Andy is dressed like a Thor
Who came here from the sequel??
The comment_era
I am not even kidding this is my ANTHEM
most underrated video on the internet
Am I the only person who thinks Natalie can rap better than most female rappers in the music biz????????
rome l
Twelve years later and it's still one of the best things to come from SNL. And Natalie Portman really sells it! That evil laugh was chilling. Had to rewatch this before I watch her new one. I have a question though. What is Durban? I know it's a city, but that's obviously not what the reference is here. I know yak is cocaine, but Google couldn't tell me what Durban is. (Yes, I'm a dweeb that had to Google drug references lol)
Bright Eyes
This is me when I am on my joke
Lance Chang
I can't believe this was from 12 years ago now.
Just realised this is Jerry from Rick and Morty getting beaten up by Natalie Portman
Prince Boateng
Who else came back to this video after watching the sequel 02/03/18
Piggly Wiggly 3784
"Dudes, I'm takin to you 'We love you Natalie' I wanna f you too!"
Anyone here after the new one?? This one is so much funnier.
Kaan Ra
this was dope
Teshura Rose
no matter how many times i see this i still dont completely understand it but i still love it
Ben Tate
Anakin was a bad influence
Think Will
Still better than Cardi B
came back from the second part , this is still better
Liza Mohanty
she is so small that it makes the rap eve more comic.. cant stop laughing.
Vinay Seth
I'm sure she was living out her fantasy of being a rapper through this sketch.
"Shut up Jerry" lol
Dean Lim
Who came back from the second? Lol
Laëtitia Watremez
There is finally a sequel to this masterpiece
sniffthecactus duh
The only reason I would want to become famous: to get to do these things
What is this a parody of lol
Kbitch Kal
So which one is better? 😂 I love both 😍
Seamus Burke
This is one case where the bleeps actually make it funnier.
She reminds me of an angry tweety bird here
Nadica Nikolova
Is this what Padme would be like if she turned to the Dark Side?
Bring Me More Booze
Who else came here immediately after watching the 2nd rap?
shane murphy
This one's kicks the new ones ass.
This is why Odin didn't want Thor seeing her
Ruby Rose
who's here after the rap part 2!!
thong la
Well, there is the black Swan.
Doctor Disney
*Anyone here from Rap 2?*
Darryl Jackson
Why am I just seeing this?
Michael Holmgaard
She is beautiful even with short hair ;)
I never thought I could love her anymore than I already did...and then THIS HAPPENED.
Ben Jauncey
This has Andy Samberg writing ALL over it hahahahaha
Premium Vibes
Can’t wait for Millie Bobby Brown’s version
Syed Mustafa
there's a new version but prefer this one
Ropsana Khanom
Anyone here after her second rap?
Mc Jcg
Ok I think I'm in love
Andrew Keys
Had to watch this again after watching the new one!
Scentless Plain
Who came here after watching her new Rap video on SNL?
glossy adri
she’s so hot omg i love her
dave latumbo
Chris parnell man.. Funny asf
karen blixen
This performance is better then Black swan.
Since part 2 just dropped had to come back for the original. no more questions.
Alex Delgado
Portman got to drop a mixtape
Brenden Resnick
Anyone revisiting this after her sequel?
Jose Carbajal
i want her to have my aborted baby.
The Nomad
Proof that people didn't "hate" the Prequels until Disney. This was made a year after the Prequels concluded, and not a single bad mention. This was back when Star Wars fans were real, not a bunch of aging adult men following a madeup trend.
Руслан Молодчик
Воу воу воу Портман потииишее
sam farley
Millie Bobby Brown anyone?
7 years later and this is still hilarious.
I actually had this song on mp3 playlist 😂😂😂😂
Thomas Rafton
this beat has always been fire
Dillon Lewis
Why Padamae
Sourav Dokania
Anyone in 2018?
indri endarwanto
This is why she was the right actress to play as Black Swan
12 years later...this short feels like yesterday.
Brand Ever
Man that censored version really drains the funny out
Aaron Powell
Forget about Jesus, Natalie Portman was sent from heaven to save us all from ourselves.
The comment_era
Badass Natalie is one of my wannabe spirit animals .... P.S. I watch this video almost everyday now
RoRo W
I feel like a lot of female actresses want to do what she did at 2:15 while in interviews.
Who is here after portman rap ver. 2
Ashvin Kapoor
Who came after the sequel
Infamous Kitten
The sequels are never better than the original!
Jerry Lange
this one is better than the new one
She’s so angry but she’s so goddamn cute!!
Ray Hwang
came here right after natalie rap 2
Am I crazy? Does anyone else see Ralph Wiggum flash on the screen at 1:08
Tara Boyle
Who else is back after the new one?
Rubber Ducky
Just wait till Thor sees this...
Dan Hong
had to come back after this week's episode
dude bro
She so hot.
Tainy Cantlie
I think Andys chin has got smaller over the years.
Fingaz Mc
Part 2 brought here. I never thought much of SNL (I'm English) but sometimes they come up with gold!
Prasoon Shrestha
20550 likes! Natalie U r a crazy chick!
Kass Ross
Well.. Shit! This is so GIF worthy!
Mr.Bob Robinson
i think i just fell in love
Elaina M
Andy Samberg as Knockoff Thor
gosh she's so hot
Seriously funny, just saw her new one on SNL tonight. This one was better though.
The Next Chapter
Yep, still better than the new one.
Had to rewatch this after tonight's episode of SNL
god shes hot!
most adorable rap ever
the interviewer is the same guy who voices jerry in rick and morty
man she's hot lol
Sebi Amza
No more questions.
Bright Eyes
where was this all my life!!!
it's funny because she is small and adorable
Joseph mut
Wow. Someone needs a chill 💊