Fernando Alonso's Superb Start | 2004 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Onboard with Fernando Alonso in Malaysia for a classic Sepang start with Fernando Alonso For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram:

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Stéphane Edouard • H d'INFLUENCE
13 years ago already... Alonso is slowly turning into a veteran
It's like he's got the AI on medium...
Eduardo Toledo
Fernando Alonso is a good driver, but he has not been able to choose well Formula 1 teams in which to run.
Iskandar Tandiono
Soon Fernando, soon! Renault engine coming again soon...
AVR Julien2395
*Sees 2004 Clicks straight away
Its like the F1 game, 10 places made up by the first lap.
The one in the jaguar seemed better to me
Hawkeye Hawkeye
He was and still is the best starter on the whole grid in my opinion
Fucking Degenerate
Back when he had no GP2 engine
Marcos Ortiz
Wow the camera quality makes it seem like this is from the 80's. Those T-cams really improved in these past few years
Werent the Renaults at the time pretty good starters in general?
Alonso is the fking best.
THIS is what F1 engines should sound like!
Faster than McLaren Honda
blue n gold 34
The Renault V10 sounded the most unique among all of the engines during this era
Gianpaolo Martini
If Fernando had had this start with the McLaren, something would have gone wrong at the first corner 😝😝😝😝
That gorgeous (light on fuel?) Jaguar though! Driven by Webber, I assume.
Thomas Harrison-Lord
Forget Fernando, who is pulling those moves in the crappy Jaguar ahead?
Rip headphone users...
Fernando Alonso should stop having amazing starts, it would suit Mclaren Honda better
A. Batsios
Nando is the best driver of his era, undoubtedly
Damn, i miss the old v10s !
i could deal with this picture quality, if we get back the old sound.
Abhimanyu Kohli
Wow! What a smashing lap! And that beautiful acoustic...
He's so good on the throttle you can barely hear the traction control kick in
Christian Martinez
King of starts Nando!
The sound tho
how many positions gained?
Bosko Filipovic
Dont forget one thing - Renault had the best acceleration of all cars
Mat EVO7
I was there in the main grandstand. I was only 5. That time i was just supporting the cars in red coz red is my fav colour so Schumi and ferrari were an instant fav.. That was 13 years ago.... It was the first time i ever watched a race live at a citcuit and not tv. I already bought tickets to this years Malaysia gp as it could be the last time im ever gonna see f1 cars on that track. I had to buy those tickets.. its a must go. Thanks to this 2004 race my love and passion for formula 1 developed and ive been a diehard fan ever since.. Im a Malaysian btw
Diego J.
I can repeat this 1000000 times: Fernando Alonso is the best driver of history.
Good old days!
matthew deng
I was impressed by the Jaguar driver , who was it ? Mark Webber?
I wonder if the drivers watch these videos.
Krystian Klein
Look how fast was a Jag! Speed inside the corners is just amazing. Unbelivable.
Like and tomorrow you play f1 2017 game with Alonso
Ricardo Hernandez
The Jaguar Fernando is following is actually Webber, he started on the front row and had an absolute dog of a start.
Angie Mikey
Superb indeed, bar that lock-up at the end of the lap
Pagani 974
I want a Hamilton vs Alonso. The bests, without a doubt
Woken Kimi Martinez #JB17
Listen to this engine, man. It's the last 6-gear car (alongside Minardi in 2005) to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship, and this one actually won the World Title
Real Rugby
This is Formula 1 🏎️🌫️
19th to 11th I believe that was
Norbert Major
1:15 Felipe, Fernando is faster than you.
Yeah yeah Alonso start was good, but what about savage webber in front of him? He single handedly passed at least 3 guys!!!
Janardhan Iyer
That green Jag!
Russell Westbrook
The Jaguar in front had a better start.
Is this F1 2017 with AI diffuculty on 0% and assists on?
0:29 nee nee Nee Nee NEE
Keiran George
It's like the start doesn't exist for him, it's just bang straight into overtakes
And now he has become an F1 legend.
A fantastic start. :)
Lee Claxton
When AlonSLO used to be good hahaha Hamilton destroyed him and now he is a LOOSER
Renault had a 6 speed
To be honest I'm actually more impressed with the Jaguar that got in front of him, was that Mark Webber?
Amazing start for Webber too !
I want to know who was driving the Jaguar, they went REALLY well!
Not sure if anyone else saw it but Webber didn't do a bad Jo either. Just saying..
Toto Wolff
Replace Bottas
SamBryan '
When you set the AI to 50%
FreddyBoomBoom's Channel 1985
Is that Webber in the jag?
Sunday Driver
I have an eargasm. F1, please bring back those engine sound!
The only "superb" thing was the first few meters, after that there was nothing special
Ivan Ivanov
Damn, they are so thin...and slow compared to the modern one beautiful beasts!
Really miss those engines! :(
Berni Requena
V 10 !!!!!!
Noah Slik
It's like driving against easy AI.
What a here...
Grew up watching Alonso and Schumacher battling for 1st in red and yellow/blue cars.. time flies
Alpár Bán
That sound 😍
Sammy sam
car is not looks good
Ciaron Smith
Launch control. Not Alonso. Sorry not that good. Trulli Spain 2004 was better. Raikkonen and MSC were better in early 2000's/
alonso Come back!!!! since 2014 F1 isn´t the same without you!! ........................................wait he´s in Honda 0_o
Rossi the Bossi
'The Magician' at work! Also nice start from the jaguar as well👍
Jerry Joe
Wait a minute. He was passing without DRS. Waaaa
Henry whatzal
Alonso is better than shit Lewis
Sideways Nismo
I was gonna say inb4 sound comments. Then realised that I was already to late
Copyrights Can suck IT
Undisputed king of starts
F1 Greece
Where is Mark Webber superb start at Malaysia 2004?? :D
In 2004, back when drivers were deafened by their engines. Great decision getting rid of the V10 & V8 or V12. SIDENOTE: I think the V6 Turbo of old sounded really good. The new ones though. Reply what you think they sound like... I like tractor
V10 glory
John Jayson
Dat massive lockup thought
The sound made me cry.
This is definitely an F1 engine, not a GP2 😅
Fernando was the best driver in the world and now he can't finish the race in Mclaren :/
i think its up to Alonso that he is in deep shit now, because he chose big money and went to MCL, so be calm Fernando and be in this position as you wanted.
Selim twensa
Old F1 sound was infinitely better...
With the best car is an obligation.
Alvaro Martinez
he is the master of the races. most of the times he takes the right decisions. ridicolously few mistakes in all his career and always doing better in races than the car shows in qualy. true motorsport legend
got me back in childhood and golden era of F1, at least golden when it comes to engine sound and car look ;)
Fabio 1995
„Where's Palmer? "
S325i BMW
We want the V10 BACK !!! God i mis that sound :(
John Cash
Thats the glorius music we miss nowdays. <3 Or actually have missed now for 11 years. Now liberty just needs to think this one too. Hopefully we will find a way to get much more sounds from V6.
13 years later last 2 weeks... he attempt it again... but..... DENIED... We have faith in you Alonso...
F1 Challenge 99-02'?? Anyone??
John Smith
That engine.