Assassin's Creed 3 - Concept Video and Beta Footage

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The original pre-production test video and behind the scenes of the development of Assassin's Creed 3.

Rohaizad Desa
I dont get why people love the change they made with the franchise. I personally love the non-RPG world of Assassins Creed, the parkour, the one-shot stealth kills.. All i wanted is for Ubisoft to improve the game, lessen the animation bugs, make it like this! aw how I miss Assassin's Creed.
Bikkyy Chaudhry
I miss the old days of Assassin's Creed you know, When it was actually "Assassin's Creed".
Devon Denney
Don’t care what anyone says this is now completely possible. This is the potential ac has as a series. This is what we need. Not odyssey or origins. This. I’m tired already of they STUPID RPG elements.
Áriston Aragao
My favorite AC game (not the best but my favorite) Can’t wait for the remaster, it will look and play awesome with updated gameplay
7th Clone
The best thing about ac3 was the sound track. Hands down
Max Bausch
This is how an Assassins Creed game has to be!!!!
Why didnt we get that sick outfit :( Reminds me of Altairs robes
Better movements here than the actual game.
Jotaykra Rodgers
Wait, is this the remaster or just a behind the scenes look of when it was in production years ago? I was asking because he might have left it out of the title. Never know
Anggoro Strife
He walk and run like ezio
Looks better than final version
Вова Вист
Its not gameplay, if someone wonder. its prerender, this is how creators saw this in preproduction p.s. sry fro my bad English
Patrick On Drugs
Was it really necessary to shoot the dear if we wasn’t even gonna skin it. And he’s Native American he should know the rules of putting animals to waste like that. 😂
J's Citadel
Assassin creed 3 was the game that got me into the Assassin creed franchise
Reece Taylor
3:05 THIS!
Zodiac Boy
When we said we wanted a better AC game this is what we fucking mean, in terms of gameplay of course, the graphics look horrible. The animation though looks so smooth and good, it makes you feel like a real Assassin.
This is what the game would've looked like if rockstar made the AC games
Gurpreet Singh Matharoo
Beautiful music, personally I feel like it's even better than the Ezio's Family theme. CAN'T WAIT for the remaster!
Agent Andrew Milton Pinkerton detective Agency
You 5 years late
Morse Code
Literally one of the best written title in the whole franchise if not the best. Its seriously just that good.
If only the free running was this good in all the games
Simple Ton
This game was not as bad as people made it seem. In fact it’s one of my favorites of the series most of them suck but Assassins creed 2, Brotherhood, 3, and Black Flag were all good AC games... and I guess the new one is pretty good never played just heard.
The RedHood514
My absolute favorite ac and the best imho. I love that game. Assassins creed has gone completely downhill if you ask me. Not that the recent ones weren’t good in their own way, they just weren’t assassins creed to me.
Gavin Moss
Remastered well be like this... I hope
Soundtrack give me nostalgia. This is my first AC game I finished
It was way better in the preproduction
Reece Taylor
6:06 Nikolais outfit inspiration?
Cry 😭, tears 😢. Oh what could have been...
An Eccentric Gamer
This looks more like rd2 than what we got with ac3
Eh... i wanna new engine like AC Origins... with beatiful and realistic graphics ! And old mechanics... Battle system from Batman: Arkham will be the best for game this type...
People keep saying that "fans always complained about how AC series was boring and every game was like another and now that they changed it they're still complaining." well, guess what, we never wanted AC to be an RPG, it was kinda unique in it's own way, all it needed was improvements, better and more fun missions and a slight change in gameplay to keep it from being a cliche, not steping into the wrong direction and turning it into an RPG.
Soon i get to see Desmond die the 2nd time. I think he is not really dead he is in the Grey with 16 and Layla is the only one who can find him because she is Eve
Say what u want but AC 3 has the best theme out of the 11 games
looks like some shots are early in production since they used Ezio model for the tree navigation
V - Trigger
Again so much downgrade
This video was cgi it wasn’t gameplay
Murphdawg1 gaming
I think that team had bigger ambitions than what we finally got. I remember at one time you could travel via Canoe but that was removed.
Prithvi Thakur
the soundtrack really defines the struggle that connor has been through
Nice HUD
Make memes Great again
Excuse me why didn’t we get this in the final version
NoVa Ice
saw this a long time ago and thought that it would make a dope remaster
space outlaw
The graphics for this game were hella shitty lmao too many sharp pixels for a 2012 game
Origins was one thing, but I yawned myself near-death with Odyssey. Seriously, why would anyone have any reason to love Odyssey? Story and characters are plain godda***n terrible, with dull repeative gameplay.
Uto Resa 519
I like that they made Connor into the buff boy he is instead of this design.
Sry but the whole ezio saga doesnt care anymore they screwt everything up with AC ...
Jivan Grewal
This game had amazing detail in the non populated area's of the map. Most game with "big expansive maps" just copy paste the same detail everywhere but this game at least had some customized enviroments. I wish developers would stop with expansive maps and start actually filling them in with details and fully accessbile interiors.
Eva Hatia
Y such a downscale in animations during release?
Unknown Bytes
Idc what people say but this game is a gem❤️
Jonathan Cooper
Thanks for compiling all this. Brings back some great memories :)
The early concpet design for Conor looks so much better than the final one we got where he looks like Bigfoot in an old, dirty and worn out leather bag.
Potatozilla The lord of the vegetables
I'm hyped for the remastered AC 3 and AC liberation
Uvaliev Sultan
Думал это ремастер, расходимся, пацаны
5:46 lol
Steve Andrei
*My top 3 favorite AC game* - Assassins Creed Blackflag - Assassins Creed Rogue - Assassins Creed 3
Back when you felt like an Assassin when playing the game.. And now you actually feel like an errand boy when playing AC Origins and Odyssey.... AC trying to be The witcher instead of being AC..
Dunno if it's just me, but I think they should have made this a separate game to go along with ac 3. Kinda like what they did with liberations, I think it's called?
Jose Colon
My top 4 AC games. AC3 best combat system , Blackflag best character and pirates, Unity best parkour and coop and Origins best graphics.
Артем Леончик
Россия отзовись
RedFoo fan
A true AC game, not like that Odyssey humiliation! It can’t get better than this, true stealth, perfect atmosphere, real Assassin’s Creed game!
That dynamic camera HASSSS to be in the actual gameplay aswell, its soo freaking sick how the camera, moves in, out and around. And even the slowmotion. It would make us feel like true badasses. Itll feel like playing a movie
Man I miss the REAL assassins creed games. The newer ones just don’t cut it anymore, origins is basically a Witcher ripoff. I
Sarcastic Duck
Played AC3 recently and I must say, it could've surpassed Black Flag as my favorite AC if it wasn't for all the bugs and unpolished things in it. I was legitimately sad playing it because I could see the attention the devs were putting into the game just to be rushed by the corporate a-holes!
If only ubisoft spend their budget on making gameplay, animations and camera movement as smooth as this instead of on origins and odyssey
João M.
Classic pre-2013 Ubisoft scripted gameplays that ended with WD1.
Gray Fox
Is ot me or it does remind you of those false adds for mobile games?
brilliyan ibnu
The tree branches is flexible better than the stiff version in the final release
Ismaeel Buhari
I love assassins creed but i legit hated 3. 2 was my favorite and always will be.
Can’t wait to get the remaster, play my favorite AC again and witness the end of the series as I knew it, one last time
The music gave me goosebumps so amazing
Reece Taylor
Honestly this outfit is nice. Would be nice to see them include it in the remaster
Alex Alexandru
Whats the song in the beginning omg is soo nice
Alec Shelby
I’m I the only one who is satisfied with the new Assassins creed but wants thee old parkour from Unity, one shot stealth etc...
Ezio Auditore
We need ME Remastered eh😂
this had so much potential, yet, it it was so average, bu not nearly as bad as what was to follow
Why not just do a Ezio trilogy on the new engine. I would love to play those games with updated graphics, especially since the PC versions of those games aren't the best.
Аркадий Санар
Вот это класс! Вот такой ремастер офигенный.
I'm so glad I found your channel, this is the kind of stuff I've been looking for. Where did you even manage to get this?
This is NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY. This is concept pre-rendered video.
Is that real?
Reece Taylor
Those tree physics are also nice, and the combat that follows right after it
Rico Yla
This was so sick!!
Parsa Shirali
RPG elements:stay for 2 games in a nearly 10 game series that had people whining cuz it got repetitive Fans: IM SICK OF THIS CRAP . WE WANT THE OLD AC BACK. Jesus Christ
CloutboyZak Davis
What game is this or is it ac3 remastered beta footage
I like how they used ezio's AC2 model with most of the things
This look bad ass. Way better than the final product. This is what assassin's creed should be. This is phenomenal
Mr Hello 76
I wish that Assassin's Creed went back to 'those' days, but as per my own personal taste; with an even greater emphasis on stealth, silent takedowns, and even on parkour, I don't know, imagine yourself inside a room, having 'just' assassinated an enemy, but another one, maybe in the room next to yours heard you, or his friend struggle by your hand, so he goes to investigate, imagine there to be an option to climb up the wall, (let's say, you step on a window frame and balance yourself with your hand on the roof) and fuckin' spider man that shit, and you'd have an appropriate opportunity for an "air" assassination once the enemy enters the room, air in quotations because I imagine it being simply as: you'd let go of the wall and let yourself fall, roll and then on your recovery, bam, you slit the man's throat, or fuckin judo throw him on the ground and stab him I'm sorry for my dumb rambling, just had the thought and said fuck it, I wanted to share it with you all What do you guys want in the future for the series???
Fabian hildenbrand
Loved how you could use the snares and other tools to dispatch an enemy
Back when Ubisoft still gave a shit about character animations.
Opeth H
I remember this being mind blowing and making me feel the game didn’t reach expectations, but watching it now. I feel AC 3 did pretty great and almost reached these expectations to the T
Animation for is better here
Stealth l BrutaLGameR
Its really sad to see this! :/ old good days
Gentleman Gamer
The AC developers should just start working on something brand new now that Oddessey is wrapped up
KarL Villanueva
now i started to miss this game
Diamandis Themis
For the march 19 2019 remaster I want many influences from this demo in the game
Blewbaru 90
Nice scripted gameplay lmao. Still, I miss this game. Excited to see the remaster!
Raiden MGR
R.I.P Assassin's Creed
super gogeta 2018
That was awesome 😮
алекс schoolboy
запароли серию убив дезмонда, окей убили но могли бы показать продолжение сопротивления в настоящем времени
Can't wait for assassin's creed 3 remastered!!