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Be a Patreon: Get a multi battle and secure every giveaway pokemon ► />JOIN MY DISCORD ► />BUY your 1HP & salt mug here ► />Subscribe to PIMPNITE ► />Subscribe to KrimZenTv ► /> STREAM RULES AND STUFF~ PIMPNITE FC: 3497 1681 6536 IGN: PIMP KrimzenTv: FC 0448 0031 6532 IGN: KrimZen ~READ THIS WHOLE DESCRIPTION ~ Hey everyone! I will be randomly picking people out of this live stream chat to have battles on a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon over the WiFi connection. Feel free to use this chat for chatting or arranging battles/trading/sharing FC until the event happens and after If you'd like. These events are about the only time I have to battle and trade MANY of my viewers. Even If you do not wifi battle you are still welcome to come watch as they are always entertaining. I will be picking people out randomly from the chat (your friend code) when the live stream starts, to battle. My friend code will be displayed on the screen during the live stream for easy access. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to write In the comments as I will be monitoring them until It starts. You can post your friend code as many times as you like when I ask for them In between battles ;) Chat rules. DO NOT give out /promote power saved rubbish without saying they are hacked. This includes anything like pokedit,power saves etc). POWER SAVED = BAN On PSS and battle spot. Don't advertise,self promote,spam,negative comments or you will be timed out blocked by admins. Trade at your own risk I do not take any responsibility If you are scammed by another person in chat. Do not spam CAPS or emoticions/emojii In the chat or you will be timed out (Keep doing it you will be blocked for the stream). This bloats the chat ,makes peoples devices lag and leaves less room for someone to be picked. If you received an event pokemon through wonder trade or gts it has been hacked due to It having no ribbons. My discord server:

Thanks for the fun stream people
Wati pieds
Can you battle with your favorite pokemon of the first gen
Tiago Babo
Full Twitch Plays Pokemon team Pidgeot Omastar Zapdos Nidoking Lapras Venomoth
John George
Full FORTNITE team double pump = blastoise port-a-fort = stakataka golden sniper = beedrill with sniper ability scar = zangoose or shiny charmeleon (ash's charmeleon evolves into charizard because of the scar it got from aerodactyl) high ground or tilted towers = alolan exeggutor rocket riding = pokemon with sky drop or octazooka chinese dragon glider = shiny gyarados with Z-Hurricane (because it can't learn Fly) impulse grenade = pokemon holding Red Card Llama = shiny ampharos
What Sup
The pepeol that rite is this the pepeol on the general chat
TonAva_ Re0ed
Does anyone have a darkrai that you would like to to trade for a shiny zygarge code?
Alexandra Brez
PIMPNITE!!! You have to do Stockpile moves. Bro you are amazing! •Stockpile •Swallow •Spit Up Please do it! :) (USE PELLIPER!)
As I was watching this i got an encounter with a shiny beldum and it killed itself with take down because no matter how many times I used ultra balls and timer balls it wouldn't let me catch it
This is my team suggestion theme is marvel. Hawk eye-decidueye with life orb Dr.strange-hoopa unbound Hulk-shiny machamp Thor-tapu-koko Iron man-mega scizor/scizor Spiderman-ariados
Hey I'm looking for someone who wants to play Pokemon with me from time to time. I even play competitive. Text me when you are interested ! 18yo guy
Brennan Hicks
"Rolling Kick" is in Japanese called "Roundhouse Kick", which isn't a kind of kick that would make you stub your toe or go flying at all.
Pokemon space team! Six Pokemon from the space
Galladite95 mega evolve
Orange juice
Michael White
only shows 2 hours atm but its awesome anyway
Pimp my suggestion is Regirock Regice Registeel Rayqauza Groudon And kyogre
Umm What
Joaquin Pizarro Amaro
HI Pimpnite how are you doing
ItzJake Roblox
Can you do a series where you like pick a fans team then battle with it I know it’s like theme teams and etc but like can you make so it doesn’t have to be theme that would be awsome! <3
Kaio ken
I can't comment
The Heartbreaker
I just realized they never Drew yamask!